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Jin'rokh video guide and class guides updated for 5.2

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We have just released our first ever video guide for a raid boss:

Naturally, any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Also, all our class guides have been updated for Patch 5.2. There may still be a few stat priorities to tweak, but we will be working on them in the next few days. Our BiS listings are not updated yet, but that will come soon.

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    • By DaemonAldent
      Hello. I'll keep it short and to the point. My post is regarding FF14, but more or less relates to all mmo guides Iceyveins features. The following is more for newer players more than vets.
      I dont think that deleting/removing access to class guides when a new expansion drops is the best idea, mainly because the information is not made entirely useless for every player. For instance, rotations, stat priorities....if I have zero knowledge of a class, even old info will help me more than having nothing at all would. For example, today I rolled a healer on FF14...I've never once played the class. I know nothing about their stat priorities...both presently and pre xpac. Even though the priorities changed and I wont be finding out which stats are best , I'd at least have a general idea which are important. I honestly couldnt say if one meld is better than the other, and there ARE useless melds...melds for dps/tanks have more or less stayed the same for the last 2 xpansions. Crit is a great example of a meld that has never been useless. But not knowing anything about healers I dont know if its the same for them.
      Its a really small thing, and maybe im being petty or *filtered*, but I just feel theres no effort putting an 'Old Guides' archive or something along those lines. 
      Thank you for your time. 
    • By PanPug
      I'm new here, came back to play wow after a long break.
      So I headed to the PVP guide section and read some guides and noticed that in the third section of the guides which is "Racial Bonuses" the Blood Elf passive wasn't changed, it's still mentioned as a Silence. Of course the tooltip is correct thanks to the link, but the text says "Blood Elf is the best race for *spec name*, thanks to the Silence(Arcane Torrent) which is very strong. This increases the spec's crowd control kit." I just don't want others to be misinformed about that.

      Since I'm new I'm not sure that his is the right place to report this, if not please tell me where should I post this and delete this post.
    • By Czkawka
      Im long time lurker on class guides, and Id like to suggest and ask if you could add numerical stat weights in class spec guides. Pawn addon config string would be perfect but just numerical values would be also great. What do you think about it?
      Thank you in advance
    • By Damien
      Our Transmogrification guides have been updated for Patch 5.2. This means that all the new items from Patch 5.2 have been added. We also added the Tier 15 and Arena Season 13 sets, as well as the Challenge Mode armors. Finally, Arena Season 9, 10, 11, and 12 sets are now obtained slightly differently than before, so the guides were updated to reflect that.
      For our Patch 5.4 update, we will work on getting our model screenshots from the WoW Model Viewer, so that we can give you the option to display the models the way they look for female characters as well as for characters of all possible races. We may even be able to show items the way they will look in Shadowform.
      So, stay tuned ;)
    • By Damien
      We have just released our guide for the Council of Elders, the third boss encounter of the Throne of Thunder.
      Also, Priest and Warrior guides have been updated for Patch 5.2 (with the exception of the gear pages, which will be updated later on).
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