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[US-Aggrammar][H] Knights of Blizz -- We cater to casual players, but hardcore are welcome as well.

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In a world where real life is full of routine, long hours, and little reward, where hope has all but faded and we desperately look for some means of salvation… scratch that, let’s try this again. In a world where companies make awesome video games that you sink hundreds of hours in to claim that virtual prize—which has no bearing on real life, but you do it anyway because you can—comes a guild that will help you justify spending those hours claiming that prize because now… it’s a social event!  Please check out this video created by guildmember, Nexfury, which gives a good introduction to our community.  Please take a look.



The Knights of Blizz is a group passionate about all the great and mighty games that have come from Blizzard Entertainment!

The games we regularly play together include:

·         Diablo III

·         Hearthstone

·         Heroes of the Storm

·         Starcraft II

·         World of Warcraft (Aggramar, Horde)

We're a relatively small guild of casual and hardcore gamers with an insatiable and equal love for each of these games. We want to expand our membership levels to more easily accommodate a variety of schedules and play styles. As KoB grows, we'll move beyond impromptu groups to regularly-scheduled community and friendship building events such as WoW dungeon runs, Rift runs in D3, tournaments in HS, lore movie nights, and more!

Regardless of your level of participation, we encourage each member to be active in-game more than once a week and on a daily basis on the forums.

We're a guild of adults, whether it be parents with kids or college students. Due to this, we have very few requirements:


·         Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. We're only interested in mature and social gamers.

·         You must be able to game at least one night a week. We understand folks have changing and busy schedules, but it should allow for occasional levels of gameplay.

·         You must be active on the guild forums on a semi-regular basis.

We all have internet access on a near daily basis, so there’s little excuse to not socialize.



We currently use Palringo for guild chat outside of gaming and we encourage regular activity in each game through our own in-guild achievement system, which will expand as the guild grows in size.




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