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FFXIV - The Yo-Kai Return to Eorzea!

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With the return of the Yo-Kai event, it is once again time to catch them all and get your hands on original weapons, mounts, and minions, as well as a brand new framer’s kit!

The beloved Yo-Kai Watch Event is coming back to Eorzea from April 24, 2024, at 8:00 AM GMT (6:00 PM AEST) until the release of Patch 7.0.

This event will be identical to the previous ones, but with one additional reward: a framer's kit. The quest cannot be taken again if you have already completed it, but you can still earn Yo-Kai medals while equipped with the Yo-Kai Watch! And if you have lost your watch, it can be repurchased from the recompense officers in major cities.

For this event, start by picking up the quest from the NPC "Poor-heeled Youth" in Ul'dah!


Once the quest is completed, you will receive your first Yo-Kai watch. With this watch, you will be able to earn Yo-Kai medals from various content:

  • Fates in La Noscea, The Black Shroud and Thanalan
  • Fates in All regions of Heavensward
  • Fates in All regions of Stormblood

You will need to complete the FATES with either a silver or gold rating to receive medals at the end, and we suggest you team up with other players to make farming more enjoyable.

Once you have collected enough medals, you can then exchange them for Yo-Kai minions at the Gold Saucer's wandering executive.


There are a total of 17 different minions to collect, all of which are listed on this page: Yo-kai Watch: Gather One, Gather All!

After exchanging 13 minions, you will receive the Whisper-go mount!


Once you befriend all 17 minions, you can speak with Nohi at the Gold Saucer (X:5.2 Y:6.9) and purchase a brand new Yo-Kai watch framer's kit with MGP.

Additionally, once all minions have been collected, you will be able to gather legendary Yo-Kai medals. These medals allow you to acquire different weapons; one weapon corresponds to each minion. Participating and completing the same Fates with the corresponding minion summoned will reward special Yo-Kai medals, which you can then exchange for the desired weapon.


For example, if you want the Paw of the Crimson Cat weapon, you will need to complete Fates while equipped with Jibanyan. Occasionally, the Fate will reward you with legendary Jibanyan medals, which can then be exchanged for the weapon at the Gold Saucer's wandering executive. There are a total of 17 weapons to collect, one for each minion.

After collecting 13 weapons, you will receive the Whisper-a-go-go mount, and after obtaining all 17 weapons, you will receive the Jibanyan Couch mount!


As collecting medals can be quite challenging, Kaiyoko on Twitter/X has shared a personal guide that can help you identify which Fates to complete to get all the weapons you need:


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    • By Neviriah
      The latest Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Part LXXXI has revealed a new trailer, showcasing all the classes and their new Dawntrail actions, the new login screen, and more!
      The Live Letter kicked off with a really cool Job Actions trailer, which showcased all of the new job actions coming with Dawntrail across all classes. We recommend that you watch it if you haven't already!
      Let us also take a moment to appreciate Dawntrail's beautiful opening screen! The summer vibes are palpable, and the themed music could not be more fitting. When you first log into Dawntrail, you will truly feel as if a new adventure is about to begin!

      With every new expansion comes a bunch of new actions for each class, tailored to the increased level cap. The development team has also made adjustments in response to player feedback.
      A key focus has been to make sure that controller hotbars have ample space for all the new actions. This has led to the introduction of a new action change setting, offering you the choice to replace old actions with new ones as you see fit.

      Next, we are going to dive deep into each of the new actions. Keep in mind that this list isn't fully complete, so stay tuned for more updates:
      Adjustments to overall tank actions: Rampart and job-exclusive 30% damage reduction abilities will be upgraded in the 90s level range. Reprisal’s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range. Paladin: The second and third executions of atonement have been changed to new actions with separate animations. A new action that can be executed after Blade of Valor will be added. Warrior: New action, which can be executed after three executions of Fell Cleave or Decimate while Inner Release is active. New action that can be executed after Primal Rend. Dark Knight: Blood Weapon will upgrade into Delirium, and the effects of Blood Weapon will be added to Delirium in order to reduce the number of inputs during burst damage phases. New action can be executed after Living Shadow. Gunbreaker: New action that can be executed after Fated Circle (via Continuation). New three-step combo that can be executed after Bloodfest (with no cartridge cost). MELEE DPS:
      Adjustments to overall melee DPS actions: Second Wind’s healing potency will be increased in the 90s level range. Feint’s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range. Monk: Basic combo mechanics will no longer center around maintaining a buff or damage over time, but more about performing actions in a certain order to increase the next action’s potency. Can accumulate up to a total of ten chakras while Brotherhood is active (to prevent chakra overflow). Dragoon: Reduce positional requirements for the single-target combo; the fifth combo action has been changed to a new non-directional action, Drakesbane (Fang and Claw and Wheeling Thrust will change to Drakesbane, so input execution will remain the same). Life of the Dragon will be available without accumulating Dragon Gauge. To reduce the number of inputs during burst damage phases, certain actions will be removed or adjusted. Ninja: Huton’s effect has been moved to a trait and will always be active (it will be changed to an AoE attack that grants the effect of Hidden). Actions that extend the duration of Huton’s effect will be adjusted in accordance with the Huton modifications. Samurai: To simplify recast management, Tsubame-gaeshi will be changed to be executable after Meikyo Shisui. Hakaze, Tenka Goken, and Midare Setsugekka will be upgraded into new actions. Reaper: Plentiful Harvest’s effect will no longer increase the Shroud Gauge by 50 and instead will allow execution of Enshroud.  New action that can be executed while Enshrouded. Viper: Shifting between dual blade and double-bladed strikes. Re-awaken Boosted mode when the gauge is full: allows you to execute the double-bladed abilities. Close-range attacks as well as ranged attacks. Some buffs and debuffs will define which actions to use after.
      *We will be providing you with an in-depth guide on the Viper's abilities soon!
      RANGE DPS:
      Adjustments to overall Ranged DPS actions: Second wind’s healing potency will be increased in the 90s level range. Damage reduction of job-exclusive defensive abilities will be increased to 15% in the 90s level range. Bard: Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, and the Wanderer’s Minuet will be changed into buffing actions that do not attack enemies. Pitch Perfect will be changed into an AoE attack for ease of use in encounters with multiple enemies. Procs attacks will be merged. Machinist: Barrel stabilizer will no longer increase the heat Gauge by 50 and instead will allow execution of Hypercharge. New trait that accumulates charges for Drill. Dancer: New action that can be executed after Flourish. Additional follow-up attacks. New action that consumes Esprit and can be executed after Technical Finish. Action granting standard steps without having to go through the dance. MAGICAL RANGE / CASTER DPS:
      Adjustments to overall Magical DPS actions: Swiftcast recast will be reduced to 40 seconds in the 90s level range. Addle’s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range. Black Mage: Adjustments to streamline certain aspects of the job, such as restoring MP upon landing ice spells while Umbral Ice is active, instead of passively over time. New action which repositions Ley Lines beneath the caster. Summoner: Solar Bahamut: a new summon akin to Bahamut and Phoenix. New action that can be executed after Searing Light. Skill rotation updated based on the new Summon: Solar Bahamut - Bahamut - Solar Bahamut - Phoenix. Resurrection stays for 7.x, but 8.0 may remove raise from the Summoner skill set. Red Mage: Manafication will no longer increase Black Mana and White Mana by 50, and will instead allow the execution of enchanted swordplay actions without cost. The AoE enchanted swordplay combo beginning with Enchante Moulinet will now consume a total of 50 Black Mana and white Mana, similar to its single-target counterpart. Pictomancer: Prepares by painting a variety of motifs, then renders them to life to produce an assortment of effects. Renders multiple motifs to execute high-powered attacks. Grants buffs to the party and self. Creature, Weapon and Landscape motifs: Pompom, Weapon and Landscape in the hotbar will create their respective motifs. Ability to change the palette's elements.
      *We will be providing you with an in-depth guide on the Pictomancer's abilities soon!
      Adjustments to overall Healer actions: Swiftcast’s recast will be reduced to 40 seconds in the 90s level range. White Mage: New action allowing the caster to quickly move forward. New AoE attack, which can be executed up to three times after Presence of Mind. Scholar: Seraphism: a new action that changes the caster’s appearance and enhances healing magicks. New AoE attack that can be executed after Chain Stratagem. Astrologian: The Card system will no longer be random and will instead simultaneously draw cards with offensive, defensive, and curative effects. Astrodyne will be removed in accordance with the discontinuation of astrosigns. Sage: Eukrasia will now enhance Dyskrasia II into Eukrasian Dyskrasia and AoE attacks, which deal damage over time to enemies within range. New party Buff which heals nearby party members whenever the caster casts a spell. Additional Updates on Dawntrail's Progress, Security Measures, and more:
      Yoshi-P has reassured fans that the development of Dawntrail is progressing smoothly and that its release is on schedule. The team is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of the game are polished and ready for launch. Addressing the recent DDoS attack, Yoshi-P confirmed that it was one of the most significant in terms of scale and duration since the start of FFXIV. The development team, in collaboration with external partners, has been actively implementing new strategies to safeguard players’ experiences. While the attack has caused frequent disconnections, Yoshi-P extends his apologies and emphasizes that no critical systems were compromised. The FFXIV team is doing the best they can to resolve all the issues as soon as possible.  PVP Update:  Viper and Pictomancer will be added in 7.0.  New PVP actions, adjustments, and map updates are planned for 7.1. Crystalline Conflict ranked matches will be in preseason between 7.0 and 7.1 (no ranking updates, but tiers and credits will be affected by wins and losses). New Major Characters: Bakool Ja Ja and Koana. The Fall Guys Event returns from Thursday, May 23 to Monday, June 10. US Only: Mountain Dew collaboration starting May 16: buy Mountain Dew and win prizes! New merchandise is available for pre-order! Immerse gamepack version 2.2. The Primals Live Concert. Japan Only: KFC collaboration returning soon! If you want more detailed information or simply want to catch up on the Live Letter, you can do so here: Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter from the Producer Part LXXXI
    • By Neviriah
      During the recent Live Letter, Yoshi-P shared new details about the Fantasia potion! Find out what's new and what it means for your characters!
      With the release of Dawntrail, a new NPC will be introduced in Ul'dah to teach you what Fantasia is. The quest will be accessible to players of all levels and will reward a Fantasia Potion. The aim of this quest is to educate both new and veteran players about what Fantasia is and what it can do. Upon completion, players will gain access to a more advanced character creation system.
      After consuming a Fantasia Potion, you will have a 60-minute window to enter the game and return to the character creation screen for any necessary changes. This process can be repeated indefinitely within the 60-minute time frame, even when initially creating a character.
      This significant change allows you to fix any tiny differences that may not be true to your vision, especially when seen in different in-game environments.
      How excited are you about the new character creation feature? Let us know!
    • By Neviriah
      Following the release of the Dawntrail Benchmark, players reported that characters did not look as expected, among other issues. Yoshi-P has provided additional details regarding the changes that are being implemented.
      During the latest Live Letter, Yoshi-P gave an update on the upcoming benchmark improvements. Here is everything you need to know:
      Yoshi-P acknowledged that the character creation screen was not accurately represent how characters would appear in-game. The team is working hard to correct these differences and apply bug fixes so that the Benchmark matches what players will see in-game in Dawntrail. 
      Lighting Improvements and Changes:

      The team has revisited details such as the canine teeth for Miqo’te characters. Based on additional feedback, they are considering whether the teeth should appear longer or shorter. For face types 1 and 3, the canine teeth have been adjusted to look longer, while for face type 4, they will appear smaller.

      Addressing Other Racial Characteristics:
      Yoshi-P also informed us that they are rectifying issues with Lalafell’s ‘cursed’ teeth and other racial characteristics that have been brought to their attention.

      The benchmark software will soon be updated with these changes, around May 30th, to make sure that Dawntrail's quality meets the highest standards! 
    • By Neviriah
      The beloved Moogle treasure trove event is returning: take part in the Second Hunt for Genesis Tomestones and get your hands on rare Emerald carbuncle earrings, the Gabriel α identification key, and more!
      The Moogle Treasure Trove will start on Tuesday, May 14th, 2024, at 1:00 AM (PDT).
      to Monday, June 24, 2024, at 7:59 a.m. (PDT). You will be able to collect Irregular tomestones of Genesis II by completing specific duties and exchange them for rare and exclusive items, such as the Emerald Carbuncle Earrings, Ufiti Horn, Gabriel α  Identification Key, and much more!

      The event is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the most iconic and memorable content from the past decade of FFXIV.
      You will have access to a Mogpendium, just like you had in the first part of the event:

      The Mogpendium has all the details needed for collecting Tomestones. Instead of merely having several types of dungeons to farm, you'll have multiple new ways to obtain the new Tomestones:
      Standard Objectives: This is the regular way of earning Tomestones. Simply complete the required duties (which will feature a Moogle icon in the duty finder). Additionally, you can now also get Tomestones from GATEs (the Gold Saucer events) and Ocean Fishing routes. However, keep in mind that Tomestones are not rewarded when using adventurer squadrons or duty support, as the Level Sync option must be used for unrestricted parties. You will also need to score at least 1200 points when ocean fishing to earn Tomestones. Weekly Objectives: Weekly objectives will be assigned to each player and updated every Tuesday at 12:00 AM (PST). You can check your weekly objectives through the Mogpendium, and completing them will earn you additional Tomestones. Minimog Challenges: You will have to select one of two objectives, which can only be fulfilled once every week. It's a way to complete a variety of challenges during the event that you wouldn't normally do. Minimog challenges will also reset on Tuesday at 12:00 AM (PST). Ultimog Challenges: These challenges can only be completed once during the duration of the event. They will give you a significant amount of Tomestones, so it is worth trying your luck! You can check the Mogpendium at any given time during the event. Standard Objective rewards are automatically added to your inventory when you complete the duties, while the Weekly, Minimog, and Ultimog Challenges will have to be claimed through the Mogpendium.

      Keep in mind that you will need to claim your Mogpendium rewards before the launch of Dawntrail!
      Once you have enough Tomestones, head to the usual Itinerant Moogle to exchange them for rewards! You can find one near the main Crystal in each of the starting cities: Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, New Gridania, and Ul’dah Steps of Nald.

      Rewards from the Itinerant Moogle will be available until the release of patch 7.1.
      For more information and a complete list of rewards, you can check out the official event post here: Moogle Treasure Trove: The Second Hunt for Genesis
      Moreover, should you need some help with your hunts, check out our Moogle Treasure Trove event guide below, where you can find specific routes or duties to farm, as well as the most efficient ways to do so!
      Moogle Treasure Trove Event Guide
    • By Neviriah
      Final Fantasy XIV's Make It Rain campaign is back, and participants will not only enjoy increased MGP rewards and exclusive prizes but also a very unique-looking imp costume from the Gold Saucer!
      The Make It Rain Campaign is a special event in FFXIV that celebrates the Manderville Gold Saucer, the most exciting place for entertainment in Eorzea. During this event, you can earn 50% more MGP, the currency used in the Gold Saucer, and buy some awesome items at lower prices. Additionally, there is a unique quest that rewards a special costume.
      Event Duration:
      From Wednesday, May 15th, 2024, at 1:00 AM PDT to Friday, May 31st, 2024, at 7:59 AM PDT.
      To start the event, you have to accept a quest called "Of Impish Importance" from Quevain (NPC) in Ul'dah.

      Quest Requirements:
      Minimum Player Level 15 Completion of one of the following main scenario quests: The Gridanian Envoy, The Ul'dahn Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy Upon completing the event quest, you will receive the Imp Suit as a reward, as well as some furniture for your House or apartment!

      Once the quest is finished, MGP rewards from the Gold Saucer will be increased by 50% for the entire duration of the event. You can also purchase the Crystal Tower striker, Monster Toss Machine, Cuff-a-Cur machine, and other prizes at a reduced MGP cost from the campaign attendant. Additionally, certain items that were available in previous versions of the event can be obtained from the same vendor.
      The Make It Rain Campaign is a great reason for everyone to return and have fun at the Gold Saucer. You can enjoy exciting activities like Chocobo Racing, Triple Triad, Lord of Verminion, GATEs, Mini Cactpot, Jumbo Cactpot, and more. So, if you are looking for entertainment and an easy way to get some rewards while waiting for Dawntrail, this is it!
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