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Hey, new to the game and have been playing the hunter deck. I notice that a lot of hunter decks are using cards from Naxx but unfortunately i cant do that and dont really have many cards to make a deck (just have cards that ive received from playing arena).


So, im making a hunter deck and going of the Basic Hunter Deck list that is here on Icy Veins. ive incorporated Freezing trap, Savannah Highmane and Unleash The Hounds into the deck. The card i mostly have a question about would be Frostwolf Warlord. I have Stampeding Kodo, would replacing FW with SK be a good trade? i can see more synergies with SK with this deck than i can with FW as i thought flooding the board with cards was bad in case of AoE spells, am i right i thinking this?


Thanks =]

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I think Frostwolf Warlord fits better in a hunter deck than Stampeding Kodo. Since SK can't come out until turn 4/5, chances are your opponent isn't going to be playing any more important minions with 2 or less attack. However, hunters tend to have more minions on the board at once, so FW will usually pump up to at least a 6/6 if not more.


Stampeding Kodo works best for Paladin due to synergy with Humility and Aldor Peacekeeper.

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Replacing Frostwolf with Kodo is actually a fine idea. You'd be surprised how often it hits even in the late game, and having an extra Beast activator in the deck is very helpful.

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