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FFXIV - The Dawntrail Countdown Begins! Will You Become a Pictomancer?

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An expansion release is always something special, and to celebrate the upcoming launch of Dawntrail, Final Fantasy XIV is once again sharing an illustrated countdown each day, leading up to the release!

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail officially releases on July 2, 2024, in exactly 21 days. Below, you can see the first illustrated countdown image, representing one of the two new jobs: The Pictomancer!


Until the day of the expansion's release, you can uncover a new illustrated picture every day until July 2nd, when you can join all of the other Warriors of Light from across the world for a new adventure! Our vacation is almost here!

Additionally, you can also take a look at our Pictomancer guide below, if you wish to prepare yourself for the upcoming expansion and new Job:

We are excited to see which illustrations the FFXIV team will surprise us with next! So stay tuned for further news and upcoming countdown reveals.

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    • By Neviriah
      As we approach the one-week mark until the official release of Dawntrail, the Final Fantasy XIV art team has prepared another unique illustration for us today, showing the Summoner and their Carbuncle.
      Summers are mighty tacticians with the ability to call upon primal beings to aid them in battle! They have the unique ability to summon and bend the essences of primals like Bahamut and Phoenix to their will and receive their aid during a fight! Always by their side is their carbuncle friend, ensuring you are never traveling alone! Of course, as the image demonstrates, food is also an important part of pre-fight preparations! Buff-food all around!

      With Dawntrail, Summoners will receive an additional entity they can summon! You can discover more about it in our updated guide below:
      Final Fantasy XIV - Summoner Guide Moreover, if you want to know what else awaits you in Dawntrail, check out our overview here: Dawntrail Hub
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    • By Neviriah
      Players all over the world are excited for the early-access launch of Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming expansion, Dawntrail. However, depending on the platform, early access is not automatically given to everyone who pre-orders. Here is what you have to do to get early access!
      Early access begins on Friday, June 28, 2024, at 2:00 a.m. PDT, 11:00 GMT, allowing players to dive into the full version of the game before its official release on Tuesday, July 2, 2024. 
      Playing Dawntrail a few days early is a privilege granted to those who pre-order the game. If you pre-ordered through PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, or Xbox Series X|S, you are automatically registered for both early access and the full game upon purchase, and you will not need any code.

      For players on Windows, Mac, or Steam, it is important to register the pre-order bonus code to participate in early access. You should have immediately received the early-access code per email after purchasing the game. You can register this code through the Mog Station; a special button only for Early Access codes should be available on your account.
      As for the release codes for PC users, Square Enix Store customers who have purchased Dawntrail will start receiving their registration codes via email starting Monday, June 24. The distribution is sequential, so patience is advised, as the process is designed to ensure all players receive their codes well before the official game launch.
      The option to enter a Dawntrail registration code will only become available on the Mog Station after the game's official launch post-early access. Any attempts to register the code beforehand will result in an "invalid code" error.

      Square Enix also reminds players to be mindful of spoilers. While there are no restrictions on content discussion, posting, or streaming in adherence to the Material Usage License Agreement, players are encouraged to consider their fellow gamers who may start at the official launch or prefer to progress at their own pace, and to avoid sharing spoiler-related content.
      While you wait for early access to begin, you can read our related guides to learn more about Dawntrail and the changes that Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion will bring. Furthermore, there is still time to pre-order Dawntrail, if you have not yet done so! Simply click on the image below.

    • By Neviriah
      What wonderful new treasures may await us on Tural? Join the Black Mage in today's illustration, dreaming about all sorts of new things to discover this summer!
      Today's countdown illustration features Eorzea's masters of destructive magic: the powerful Black Mage!
      Black Mages wield the ancient art of black magic, channelling raw elemental forces into explosive spells. The Black Mage job calls for those who seek to harness the primordial elements of ice and fire to annihilate those opposed to them.

      Will you take up the staff, adopt a black cat as a pet, and control ice and fire to your advantage? For more information about the Black Mage job in Dawntrail, check out our updated guide below:
      Final Fantasy XIV - Black Mage Guide And for additional details on what awaits you in the upcoming expansion, head to our summary here: Dawntrail Hub
      Lastly, if you have not pre-ordered Dawntrail yet, there is still time to do so! Early access starts in 5 days, so don't miss out!
      Final Fantasy XIV - Dawntrail
    • By Neviriah
      With the release of Dawntrail just around the corner, now is the ideal time to explore the latest changes and additions to our favorite Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV!
      Whether you are a new player or a veteran, we all will need to learn new tricks to master our chosen roles in Dawntrail! To that end, we have updated all our job rotations for the upcoming expansion to give you plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of your chosen role in FFXIV!
      Even as we head off for what are supposed to be summer vacations, we know it won't be as peaceful as we think, and danger will be lurking around every corner. To face it without fear, it is always best to come prepared!
      Final Fantasy XIV Rotation guides for each job have been updated and are available here: 
      Dawntrail Job Changes On this page, you will find a brief description of each Job, as well as a button that, when clicked, will take you to the relevant job guide. Simply navigate to your preferred job, and you will be able to see all the changes made for Dawntrail, as well as the new rotations!
      To provide a glimpse of what these new rotations look like, you can see images of the Paladin, White Mage, Viper, and Pictomancer jobs below:
      Paladin (Tank)

      White Mage (Healer)

      Viper (Melee DPS)

      Pictomancer (Magical Range DPS)

      However, please be aware that changes are still possible until the expansion's release!
      As we get closer to Dawntrail's arrival, it is clear that there is a lot of excitement building up for all the new adventures that await us! Every Job, every class holds the potential for greatness, and with our comprehensive guides, you are well-equipped to start this epic journey. Whether you choose to continue with the familiarity of your current role or want to try something new and dive into the unknown with the Viper or Pictomancer, just remember: the path you take is yours to decide. The most important thing of all is to have fun along the way!
      You can also still pre-order Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion if you haven't already! The official release of Dawntrail is on July 2nd, with early access starting in less than a week. In either case, you do not want to miss out, so make sure you own a copy of the game to be ready for launch:
      Final Fantasy XIV - Dawntrail
    • By Neviriah
      With only 10 days until our summer vacations begin as we set out on a new journey in Dawntrail, today's illustration celebrates the Dark Knights!
      Have you ever seen the ones who defend Eorzea while wielding darkness as their ally? The FFXIV art team created an incredible Dark Knight artwork, as seen in today's countdown.
      The Dark Knights will defend you even when darkness surrounds you. These enigmatic fighters are wielding a greatsword not for glory but for justice! Drawing upon their own inner darkness to protect not only the people they care about but the world!

      If you are willing to face your own demons in order to become Eorzea’s unyielding shield, Dark Knight is a job made for you! You can find more information about it in our guide below:
      Final Fantasy XIV - Dark Knight Guide For additional details about what awaits you in Dawntrail, check out our summary here: Dawntrail Hub
      And if you have not yet pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion, there is still time to do so! Early access is starting soon, so make sure you're ready: Final Fantasy XIV - Dawntrail
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