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Is there a CM BiS Gear list?

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I was wondering if anyone constructed a Best In Slot list for Challenge Modes. I'm looking for a list of stuff I should be targeting in Heroic runs with my Protection Paladin. I know there was a list back in MoP of gear slots/pieces and where to get them. Has anyone here created a list like that for themselves?

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With how random loot is, you can do heroics to get an item with the right stats, if you continually do it. Sadly the trinket options aren't that great (the mission ones are though), so you'll find yourself farming a ton of heroics to get your perfect itemized gear, and rerolling crafted items as well. Sockets, Warforged, and Tertiary stats dont work in challenge modes, so you really just need to get the 630 gear that works best for you.


With how loot works in heroics, its not "this bonus armor cloak is from this boss." Instead, it's now "cloaks are from these bosses, so ill farm them until the right one drops." Basically this means, do tons of random heroics until you narrow down your selection to certain dungeons, etc. Just follow your stat priority to maximize this.


On a side note, the 600 ilvl mission trinket is pretty much better than the 630 ilvl mission trinket, so you can either use both of them for their CD value, or stick to the passive armor/haste one for heroics. (The mission ones both have 106/107 armor, the 600 one has a 800 versatility use, and the 630 one has a 1000 haste use).

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Thank you Fouton for the info smile.png
What missions are you talking about for the trinkets?
Like "Munificent Soul of Compassion +138 Bonus Armor w/ 1200 Vers for 10 sec proc" from the follower missions?


I've been targeting gear that has Bonus Armor/Mastery, or Mastery/Versatility , or Mastery/Crit.
Using this I've come up with These Items

My Gear

Is there anything I could/should optimize? (specific to CM)

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Yeah, I've picked up inv_misc_trinket6oih_orb2.jpgTurbulent Seal of Defiance and inv_misc_trinket6oih_lanterna2.jpgTormented Seal of Fortitude so far.


The interesting thing is with the hotfixes to paladins, there's basically no chance to our stats, except that they're closer in value.


As for your gear, I'd recommend getting rid of some of that crit for better stats if you can, since having unreliable stats that are chance dependent could cost you your life if you get some bad RNG. Especially that str trinket

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