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A/H US-Stormrage- <Nostalgic Ruin> Recruiting for TWW Heroic and Mythic Prog

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Greetings everyone!

Nostalgic Ruin is an AOTC Focused guild who is looking to add raiders to our Main Heroic/Mythic Team and our Heroic Team for the upcoming Expansion ( War Within) When were not raiding, we’re in M+. Discord is active everyday between text chat and voice. Mythic Plus and Casual Players are welcome as well.

Our Schedule: Wed/Thursday 8-11pm EST
Tuesday: Alt runs ( After Progression has started )
Wednesday: Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Thursday: Normal/Heroic/Mythic

Both Teams run on the same night, however Only one team will pursue Mythic Progression.

All Classes and Specs are welcome to join.
Raiding Experience is required for both teams.

Progression from Season 1 to current:
Season 1- AOTC
Season 2- AOTC
Season 3- AOTC 1/9M
Season 4- AOTC all 3 raids

WE do Require some addons:

DBM/Big Wigs
Method Raid Tools

Current Needs for Each Team:
Team Alpha ( Heroic and Mythic Progression )
2 Healers ( Monk, Druid, Presvoker, Holy Paladin )

Team Bravo ( Heroic )
1 Healers
3 Melee DPS
2 Ranged DPS

What we offer:
A home for the lost souls
Guild Repairs on Raid Nights
Monthly Guild Events
Access to the Officers
Access to a player base willing to help

What we expect:
Willing to learn
Willing to adapt
Know your class
Be Raid Ready ( Gems, Enchants, Repaired ect )
Be Online for raid 10 minutes early

If you’re interested in joining here, you can find us best online at
Archetypical#11757 ( Guild Master )
Maverick#15230 ( Raid Leader )
Lionicicles#1134 ( Co-Raid Lead )
Astar#11558 ( Healing Officer )
Hoodie#11206 ( Melee Officer )

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