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Incredible World First Tindral Sageswift Solo Kill in Amirdrassil

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"New "best" solo of my 14 years of soloing." It seems Durendil refused to rest on his laurels after those Raszageth and Sarkareth kills and got a very special boss down! While this one isn't quite Awakened, it's still the latest raid, and another penultimate boss to boot. And not just any penultimate boss, as Tindral and his transitions and seeds are legendary, being a pretty solid guild killer back in Season 3. Let's get into this really impressive kill.

Just to get us started, the (Normal difficulty) boss went thought his rotation of deadly attacks 7 times during phase 3. Each rotation was comprised of a DoT dealing 95% of the hunter’s HP, seeds also dealing 95% between damage and a healing absorb, plus other random damage costing Durendil 235% of his health per rotation, every 50ish seconds. And with Beast Mastery not having that much self-sustain, you can imagine how tricky it all got.

Using some specific gear (most notably Fyrakk's Tainted Rageheart Fyrakk's Tainted RageheartDecoration of Flame Decoration of Flame and Seal of Filial Duty Seal of Filial Duty), he managed to to reach 9 defensive CDs: the two trinkets, Exhilaration Exhilaration, Aspect of the Turtle Aspect of the Turtle, Stoneform Stoneform, Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest, Dreamwalker's Healing Potion Dreamwalker's Healing Potion, Aspect of the Cheetah Aspect of the Cheetah and Ancient Hysteria Ancient Hysteria. With so many hard-hitting abilities with varying timers and overlaps, and also so many cooldowns with varying timers and overlaps, it was an insane balancing act of reconfiguring any and all available defensives until he found the perfect permutation in order to survive the final casts at the 10 minute 30 second mark and reach the enrage.

Not to mention everything else going on in the fight such as soaking seeds, positioning the fire, and the intermissions, where a mistake could cause a death or simply make Durendil lose damage on the boss, making it impossible to beat the enrage. And so after a many pulls, long analysis/theorycrafting sessions, and a whole lot of spreadsheet calculations, the crowning achievement for Durendil had arrived.

Here's the (massive) full description with all the details on the kill:

This was my most technical and most fun solo in 14 years, even more than Kil’jaeden Mythic. This boss deals immense damage, so I kept trying to survive for longer and longer, having no idea if it was possible or if I could manage the dps for the enrage. And with 9 seeds and 9 DoT in the fight, with varying timers between them, that meant countless permutations of 9 defensives with varying cooldowns, some of which are wasted if used together.

I spent 20% of my time on this boss analyzing my tries and theorycrafting the RT note on the left on an Excel spreadsheet. And it was fun.

Seeds dealt 95% of my health (700k damage + 600k absorb) and the DoT also dealt 95% of my health (1M3 over 35 seconds). Plus 45% per « subphase » from the rest.

Phase 3 was 7 subphases, each dealing 235% of my health, each around 52 seconds. And BM hunter has notoriously bad self-sustain, since pets deal 70% of our damage, and leech only works on the hunter’s damage.

So the entire progress was :

- survive the next DoT / seeds

- die because I don’t have the right CD rotation

- add a line or two to the Excel spreadsheet with the next DoT / seeds

- optimize the defensive cooldown rotation (RT note)

- try out the new rotation, see how it works

- adapt rotation until I survive longer

So first I had to survive the 7:30 mark. Then I got stuck at 8:40 for a while until I also optimized my self-healing. Then I had to find a way to survive the 9:50 mark. Then when I reached 10:30 I found out I really had no CDs left at all, so I had to rethink my rotation completely and tried multiple strategies. But I had the entire spreadsheet of timers by then.

Finally I reached the start of the enrage and died to having no CDs for the last seeds. Boss was at 15%. So I adapted the rotation again, and had to start thinking about dps.

In order to survive, I used the following tools :

- Diurna’s ring. It has random but great shield.

- Fyrakk’s trinket. An extremely strong shield, it can absorb all damage from Seeds + DoT during 20 seconds.

- Eranog’s trinket. On paper, it has the same absorb as Neltharion’s trinket with twice the CD. But the 35 second duration instead of 10 means you always get full value, with only no overheal.

- Dwarf racial to dispel the DoT.

- Exhilaration, 50% self-heal. Its CD is reduced when you attack - it will come into play later.

- Turtle / immunity. Allows me not do seeds.

- Survival, -40% reduction for 6 seconds.

- Potion.

In the end, I adopted the following rules :

- Maximise Fyrakk trinket’s usage. It’s better than turtle. So I used it 4 times in phase 3.

- For the Dwarf racial / dispels, The issue is the 4th DoT lasts only 20 seconds before the next cast. So I could only dispel 2, 5 and 7 to get full value.

- Use Turtle twice. There was time for 3 turtles, but doing so meant one less Fyrakk, and more damage from the DoT. Plus less CD reduction on the self-heal.

- For the self-heal, on every seed there is a healing absorb, from 4 to 7 stacks. It stacks AND REFRESHES, so any healing is « lost » if it restacks. In the end, the only good timing was right after the stacks have finished stacking. Plus a potion for the first one at 7 stacks. However, the cooldown of the self-heal is slightly longer than the one of the seeds, which will come into play later

- Use the -40% reduction on seeds without Fyrakk or Turtle, if off CD.

- Adapt phase 2 CD usage to phase 3, in a way that allows you to (temporarily) get back to 100% health during phase 3.

Then there was the Bloodlust timing. The cooldown for the self-heal was really tight, so I had to use Bloodlust after to attack faster and reduce it further during phase 3. So I used it on pull and when my dps cooldowns were up.

That meant I couldn’t use BL for the second shield, so I couldn’t break it in time. It’s why I let the first shield cast - then the flight buff doesn’t get removed. And you can zoom immediately to the third platform.

Finally the seeds. First, tank the boss near the edge. Then pack the fire AoEs on one side, near the boss. But if you « block » the boss too much, he will spawn seeds on the other side or too far away from him. And you need to keep attacking even when doing the seeds to reduce the CD of the self-heal. So I moved the boss away when there was too much fire.

So soak seeds while facing boss and attacking.

Finally, I could afford a couple of trees if using Fyrakk without the DoT. And I didn’t need to do seeds with the turtle. That left 3 seed phases with no safety net - I used my Cheetah on 2 of them.

As you can see, I could afford one « bad » tree in phase 2, but a single tree in phase 3 meant I was a single tick from getting killed at the end. I’m surprised I survived.

The enrage was quite tight, but I still had room to increase dps, with a few seeds bringing me out of range, and other small rotation errors since I was focusing a lot on survival / strategy.


Huge congratulations to Durendil, who has now soloed two out of the three Dragonflight endbosses, not to mention a whole lot of other massively impressive solo kills and isn't showing any signs of stopping! So go check out his channel if you want to see even more impressive WoW feats.

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