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New to World of Warcraft

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Hello everyone. I recently started playing WoW (I haven't bought WoD yet though :/ ). I've been playing for about 2 weeks now, and my highest level is a level 75 Windwalker Monk, and the other characters I made are around level 15-20.


So, basically, when it comes to Warcraft, I am absolutely clueless. I don't know what half of the things said in trade chat mean, I cry a little when I have to choose a specialization/talents, and always have my phone at the ready in case I need to look something up.


Are there any simple, bare-bones guides out there for a new player? Or, could you guys offer up some advice for a noob?

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First of all Mistrats welcome to WoW (and more importantly welcome to Icy Veins!)


Have you had any experiences of MMORPG's before?


A game such as WoW which has been around for so long is a lot to take in for any new player.  Personally just try and enjoy as much of it while you can!  That "new" feeling of running around aimlessly may not feel the best now but you'll look on it fondly in years to come!


In terms of playing your "role" theres some good guides on here.  Also levelling guides for each classes.


But general gameplay I don;t know of any personally (I don't need that sort of thing anymore).


Finding a friendly levelling guild / social guild always goes a long way to helping ask those niggling questions sometimes as well.  As long as you know not to ask too many!

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Hey there Mistrats, and welcome to World of Warcraft! On top of that, welcome to Icy Veins! ^_^


In terms of guides, Icy Veins does have a levelling guide for Monks (here), so that should hopefully give you a good start! Apart from that, I'm sorry but I don't know of any specific guides. You might find something useful on Youtube if you search for Fatboss TV, I guess?


But here's some general good advice;

  • Guilds are super useful and make your game much better. Just stick with people you want to be with, you'll do grand.
  • Stay out of the WoW official forums. That place is a hive of scum and villainy.
  • Explore, experiment, and learn for yourself. You'll understand the game so much better by finding lots of it out for yourself!
  • Don't be afraid to ask what something means if you aren't sure. Most players who are worth talking to will explain - anyone who doesn't wasn't worth the effort anyway. :)
  • When/if you start running dungeons, find a group of people who're willing to help you learn how to do things. Heroics in WoD are hard, but when you play with a whole load of friendly players you can do really well.

I hope that helps! :)

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Welcome to WoW Mistrats,


First thing I would like to suggest to new players, is the Recruit-a-Friend feature (RAF for short).


Note that you have 30 days since you started to play WoW to have someone RAF you. If you have already joined a Guild as Stoove mentioned, you can ask one of it's members to RAF you.


RAF basically allows you to pair up with another player, preferably someone who can be your mentor. It allows you to level at a much faster pace to get to level 100 and start doing the endgame content.


Secondly, when you join a group to do content (Like Dungeons) for the first time, let them know that you are new to WoW. I found that most players are "kinder" to players that let them know they are uncertain what they should do. 


Don't be scared to choose specialization/talents. You can easily change your talents, just look at the bottom left corner of your talents screen (Default Hotkey N) and buy that item at any Reagent vendor (To find one, simply right click on your map, expand Townsfolk and tick Reagents. Reagent vendor's locations will then display on the minimap). For Specialization, you will need to visit you class trainer in your home city. I recommend saving up for Dual specialization, which allows you to switch between specializations.


When looking for information on a Quest/Item/NPC/Dungeon etc. Go to Wowhead and read the comments on that Quest/Item etc.


I recommend getting some Addons, addons are player designed interface additions that will help a player change the layout of their interface, and also help players track/manage certain events.


Here is a list of sites (guides) you can visit if you are still looking for something.

Blizzard's Beginner Guide

Wowhead's Beginner Guide

WoW Insider's WoW Rookie Guide

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Hey and welcome.


I would only like to add that all the abbreviations in trade chat will become apparant in time.

When you reach end level content most of the raids and other names will be know to you. People in trade chat are often looking to form groups to clear said raids.


just enjoy yourself and seek a guild. the best teachers are players.

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