[US-Proudmoore][A] <Twisted Fate>'s Team 2 LF DPS for Mythic

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About Us:


<Twisted Fate>’s Team 2 is a Mythic, progression-focused guild team that raids two nights per week.


Twisted Fate is a guild that provides a home for casual and hardcore players that have significant work, personal, and educational commitments.  Our current members of Team 2 excel at the game but cannot commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of traditional progression-focused guilds.


While the goal is to progress quickly on a limited schedule, we also emphasize camaraderie, maturity, and respect. We seek not just great players, but great people too.


Server: Proudmoore


Current Progression:  3/7 N Highmaul and 1/7 H Highmaul


Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday

6pm-930pm Server (PST)

8pm-1130pm Central

9pm-1230am EST


Loot System: Loot will be handed out via Loot Council.  We believe this is the only fair way to handle loot and maximize raid benefit in the process. We take into consideration various factors such as:

• Performance

• Raid attendance.

• Previous Loot.

• Attitude and drive for progression.


Voice Service: Mumble


Expected Attendance Rate: Near 100%




We expect the very best from our raiders especially one being that you will be a long term member here are a few things that we expect you to understand:

- Loyalty

- Attendance

- Mastery of your Class and Spec

- Always look for ways to improve

- Ability to look over your own and other players logs

- Never make the same mistake twice

- Learn from others mistakes

- The ability to take criticism with a good attitude whether it be good or bad

- Be vocal in mumble (very important)

- Try to be a part of the guild and make friends


Current Recruitment Needs:


We are always looking for any exceptional players to add to the roster. If you feel you meet the requirements regardless of what we are looking, feel free to apply.



Balance Druid

WW Monk (with offspec and willing Mistweaver, as a swing healer)

Shaman (Elemental or Enhance DPS)



How to Apply?


Send an email to with providing your interest in applying to <Twisted Fate>’s Team 2.  You may also contact me in game if you have any questions.


I can also be contacted via my BattleTag:  Screwzluse#1592

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We are still looking for the DPS listed in the OP.  We will also take a druid or shaman that is interested in off spec healing.


The OP has also been updated with our current progression.

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We raid again tonight 6 - 830 PST (one hour less this week due to members having Final Exams).  Would love to have more quality raiders in the run tonight.  Don't hesitate to add me to bnet or message me in game.

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