[EU-Tarren Mill][H] <Logic> Recruiting for 20 man Mythic Progression

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Logic is a re-born guild on Tarren Mill, renewed with the aim of complete mythic progression. We are looking to start off with 10+ man raiding at start, with a move to 20 man mythic as soon as possible. Our founding members have been raiding for many years, some since launch day, always pushing to complete the hardest challenges available at the time.


The starting core of the guild has progressed up to 13/14HC in 25-man Siege of Orgrimmar, including most of the raid leading, but are now looking to head out on our own path with our own guild.


We are currently looking for Ranged DPS to complete the roster. We are looking for people who are capable of playing their class to a high standard, not just in terms of dps but managing the mechanics of the encounters, and playing with awareness and foresight. We are also looking for people who are interested in joining a vibrant and friendly community, but one where maturity and respect are paramount.
Our raiding times currently are Mo.Wed.Sun. 8:00-11:30 Server Time. At the moment, we also have Thursday as a 4th raiding day planned. (temp)


If you are interested please visit our website at  or contact one of our officers in game. (Zinzhu, Niyxx, Gorbag, Scarabea)



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