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[EU-Draenor][H] <Surreal>, Recruiting for current raid tier progression!

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Greetings !


The guild is based on a Draenor-EU horde populated realm.


Some people may have heard of us, mainly through Challenge Mode gossip seeing as "Surreal"  was a common point of contact during Challenge Modes boost during Pandaria.


We are a group of mature individuals (20+) looking for progression in the current tier of content in a competitive and friendly environment. 


At the moment we are looking for a specific set of classes which are capable of taking a DPS spot in our raid roster.


We raid 2 times a week (Tuesday and Friday) starting from 20:00 realm time and finishing at 23:30. Please be advised that the raid schedule is subject to change, as we do have plans to allow for a third raiding day during the week for the sake of progression.


The guild will be happy to provide foods / flasks for loyal progression raiders.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here or on our main guild's website http://surreal.shivtr.com/ .


Thank you for your time reading this thread and I hope you will make a right decision to join us. I look forward to review your application on the website.


Kind regards,


Empyrean - Officer of Surreal

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We are making good progress in Highmaul. Should have it cleared on normal this lockout and we'll be throwing in some Heroic progression aswell. We are still looking for reliable members to fill our healer roles. See our website for more details  

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4/7 heroic now! Clearing heroic this week :)

Looking for 3 dps to complete our roster and start mythic smile.png


-Shadow Priest

-Elemental Shaman



-Balance druid

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Recruitment is open again  in preparation for Blackrock Foundry. We are looking for any dps and healer classes and possibly a dps with tank os. Our current progress is 7/7 nm 7/7 hc 1/7 m.


We are a very relaxed semi hardcore raiding guild with 3 raid nights a week: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 - Thursday 20: 00 - 23: 00 and Sunday 20: 00 - 23:00 server time. We may add another raid day for the purpose of progression. We focus on progression but to also ensure all of guild members are having fun playing the game and are willing to accommodate re-rolls.


Leave a message here or fill out an application on our website : http://surreal.shivtr.com/

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