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Insane Healing Rain ticks on Will of the Emperor

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After downing Will in 25m last night, I noticed the following log:


Does anyone have any idea how this guy is pulling almost 6 times the Healing Rain tick size as the rest of the world's Shamans on the same fight?

I did look for any concentrated buffs or gimmicks here and probably missed something obvious.

Three of the healers, in fact, are unusually high.

What am I missing?

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I looked at the log for Zyzzyva and I don't see anything odd:

His average HR tick was ~6k

My average HR tick on Sha of Anger was ~8k

His average HR Crit was ~13k

My average HR Crit was ~13k

I see no real problem. What are you comparing him to?

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When looking at the logs compared to the rest of the folks in his guild nothing seems out of the norm. I guess the biggest question would be how is he almost double what every other shaman in the game is on the Emperor fight. What is causing his ticks to be higher than everyone else ranked. See link below'shan_Vaults/Will_of_the_Emperor/25N/Restoration_Shaman/.

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Most raids the healing rain is being dropped on more than six people, so the ticks get diluted. They split their groups up to maximize healing effectiveness, or he was just dropping it on the melee, I'm thinking.

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That would explain it rather well. Since HR ticks have diminishing returns, you have to compare to a situation where the number of targets healed is the same.

Fortunately, that's roughly right for that particular Sha kill I quoted :)

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