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GvG Paladin Mech Deck *Revised

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Mulligan : you want that mechwarp asap (even more if you have coin sheilded minibot, it trades really well in the early stages), if you have him you can consider keeping mechyeti, that truesilverblade or basiclly any mech like the spider or the sheilded minibot. If you dont have mechwarper, consider mulligan for clockwork gnome (the turn 2 heropower) since its the only 1 drop and you ''kinda'' need an early game. the rest just goes with the flow i'll explain in combo.If you get sword of justice, play it against : Paladin, Warrior, Hunter, Zoolock... Maybe preist... Maybe it's up to you.


So Keepers are : MechWarper + Yeti or spider (at best)

True Silver Blade, always keep it if you don't have early mech and feel like needing it, if you do have mechs and sword, consider mulligan the sord because ballz deep and greed smile.png


Bad Hand : If you have an equality and no clear to go with your in trouble since you got no silences you NEED your clear, it is why i changed one of the cobalt guardians for a Bomb Lobber. Cuz i runned it and one of those always stays in your hand or if you dont buff it instantly with a minion it gets wrecked instantly. so eventually the rest is pure logic, you know what a bad hand is XD




-like i said that early warp + any mech is super good at any stages of the game

- Turn 4 if you have Cobalt guardian in hand and a warp on board, play it with a free clockwork to buff it, so even if it doesnt pop early it's still a really valuable card since it gives you a spare part on top.

- If you have tinker town tech try to put a mech turn 1 or 2 to get that buff; he becomes a 4/4, instant value against preist!

- if you play against agrro be careful, keep you boardclear keeping in mind that this bomb lobber is still a treat to him.

-For clears try not to use consecrate too early, turn 4 it's still realllly good, but against handlock keep all that till he drops you those shenanigans of 0 cost giants and stuff, and remember that card that kills his minions to clear your board + 2 hellfire. reallly really dangerous here. But good clear combo is Turn 8 equality Avenging Wrath, so... so good

-For the healing mechanics, use logic, dont go on that antique healbot too fast, but if you pass turn 6 and you hadn,t played him yet just play him, he'll be better on board with those mech combo than sitting in you hand. against aggro deck play it soon tough, cuz it gives you opportunity to keep your clear, wich is the key to  survive. If you go on an agressive start tough just keep going, this deck is wonderfull against aggro because of the tempo, it controls while still being able to put out damage

- Enhance-o-Bot : play it whenever you have more that 1 minion, the value is always insane ( except when it gave me 3 taunts on good weakened creatures and no divine sheilds XD), consider this, divine sheild wind fury is devastating for anybody. it is the dream boys wink.png

- Tirion is tirion, try to mile his deck and pass all the silinces/removals/Faceless manipulator. this hurts, so never rush tirion, Play Troggzor instead, it has better value since even if he cast a spell he,s fucked, or he waste what he has on board to kill it, so since its 7, tirion should not be long to arrive here. then... MECHGINEER. Honestly i run this card cuz i have it in gold since the 1st day GvG was out and I have no ragnaros (i know ) so it makes office of big card with huge presence, more even so if tirion dies, cuz it's 9 mana you are there in the game and it spawns leper gnomes, it is reaaaly good because he will waste spells on ''free'' creature that makes ''free'' damage by dying, so after you can play whatever you feel to finish him. If you had nothing it's not a topdeck you can rely on like Lay on hands for example. So you have it (Mechgineer Thermaplugg), play it, the holy life of tirion comes first smile.png


That's pretty much it, i hope it helps. Thanks Oltier for making me notice i was a scrub, check my naxx Mage deck too its good and original


Reworked Deck:http://www.hearthpwn.com/deckbuilder/paladin#142:1;260:2;283:1;293:2;383:2;391:1;506:1;557:1;567:1;12257:2;12222:1;12200:2;12188:2;12184:2;12176:1;12253:2;12227:1;12272:1;12196:1;12202:2;12193:1;

Naxx Mage Yolo Secret Deck: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/8166-naxx-mage-secret-deck/

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A little explanation about combos, mulligan, anything..?

This link by itself is not too useful.

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So the win ratio is now at 10/2 in ranked 20 to 17.


* update : I,ve changed the sword of justice for an ironbeak owl to keep up with the taunt to continue pressure around turn 6. it's up to you guys but it worked well for me!

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i've revised the deck many times and i came up with (i think a better version..) Works the same way with different cards to adapt to the meta. I went up to 12 but i dont play mutch these days son here it goes


-Legendary MechLadin



its a bit mon controll because the meta is filled with shenanigans :) hope you have fun with it, give feedback!

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