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This thread will be for all sorts of tips for healing Highmaul, the first raid of the expansion. Feel free to post any additions to the list, or even discuss ones that are currently on the list.



Kargath Bladefist


Paladin Tips and Tricks:

Use Hand of Sacrifice on the tank when they are being impaled to reduce their damage intake.

If you're in the crowd, use Hand of Freedom on your tank so that he can move at full speed.


Talents and Glyphs:

Clemency will allow for an extra Hand of Sacrifice/Protection/Freedom, which could make a big difference.

If you're going into the stands, glyph Merciful Wrath so you can pop wings every time you go up.


The Butcher


Paladin Tips and Tricks:

Use Hand of Protection on a caster (non hunter/non melee) when the Butcher jumps to the ranged group. This will negate a fair amount of damage from the fight.


Use Hand of Sacrifice on the tanks during higher damage points, for example high stacks of the bleed. This will make a significant difference for tank healing.


Talents and Glyphs:

Clemency for more Hand of Protections.

Holy Prism is very strong due to the constant predictable raid damage.


Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice to take less damage when you Sac the tank.

Glyph of Divine Protection to help out with the massive amounts of physical damage throughout the fight.





Paladin Tips and Tricks:

Use Devotion Aura for Tectonic Upheaval to reduce the massive AoE damage.


Talents and Glyphs:






Paladin Tips and Tricks:



Talents and Glyphs:

Glyph of Flash of Light makes a big difference to spamming heals on the mushroom you want to stay alive.

Clemency with Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice so that you can use it often on the tanks during Necrotic Breath makes a nice difference, since they can't take healing during that time.




Twin Ogron


Paladin Tips and Tricks:

You can use Devotion Aura right before the Interrupting Shout to make it very smooth. Make sure to let your other healers know so not everything gets wasted.

Use Hand of Protection on players who are very close to death when the large rock of pulverize is about to fall.

Use Hand of Sacrifice on the players who are unable to avoid fire to help them survive.


Talents and Glyphs:

You can use Unbreakable Spirit with Divine Protection to take much less damage from fire. If you're already good at avoiding fire, you can Glyph Divine Protection to take less damage from the Pulverize as well.






Paladin Tips and Tricks:

Using Hand of Freedom to save people from the Frost Orb so that they can escape Ko'ragh's smash attack is extremely useful.

Make sure to pump heals into the player soaking the shield during the second phase. Hand of Sacrifice will not work on them.

Make sure to spam your tank's Expel Shadow quickly, so that they can receive heals again. If you don't do this fast enough, a tank could be killed in 2-3 swings.


Talents and Glyphs:

Going Clemency will allow you to have more Hand of Freedoms to save more people.




Imperator Mar'gok


Paladin Tips and Tricks:

Use Devotion Aura during Force Nova to reduce the raid's overall damage intake.

Use Divine Protection during Force Nova to reduce your own damage intake.

Try to interrupt the ogre mages from transitions when possible. It's best if you interrupt the one your group is not focusing.


Talents and Glyphs:

Use Unbreakable Spirit so that you can Divine Protection every force nova.

Do not glyph Divine Protection.

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So far this is just a blank post. Please post your tips so we can fill it up!

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The Butcher:


Clemency and Hand of Protection during bounding cleave can make healing a little bit easier. It works on casters and healers, so don't be afraid to do it if someone might die when he rushes the ranged. Hand of Sacrifice is also awesome when the tanks take heavy damage.




Glyph of Flash of Light is awesome for healing the mushrooms, especially the blue mushrooms. Spamming them and getting the extra 10% can help keep them up for a few more seconds.


Clemency and Hand of Sacrifice, combined with Glyph of Hand of Sacrifice, can make Necrotic Breath easier to handle. Since it virtually eliminates healing, this makes it so what little health the tank might have is adequate to survive.


Twin Ogron:


Unbreakable Spirit unglyphed is very useful for dealing with the flames from Quake with the use of Divine Protection. Glyphing it makes it useful for dealing with Pulverize, but reduces its effectiveness for the fire.


Devotion Aura can make dealing with Interrupting Shout easier in hairy situations. Best to let people know when you plan on using it, so other healers can coordinate their cooldowns.




Clemency, I find, is a must on this fight. If someone is caught in the massive slow and gets targeted by the boss, using Hand of Freedom can save from a potential wipe, especially if you have no raid-wide speed boosts.

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Haven't spent any time in Mythic yet, but my guild downed Heroic Butcher this week. A couple of tips from my experience:


Holy Prism is incredibly effective for this boss because of the constant, predictable damage and the stacked positioning of the raid. Just shoot that laser at The Butcher and watch your raid's health jump. Holy Prism appears to be people's default choice for most encounters but it still deserves special mention here I think. 


Glyph of Divine Protection can also be effective on The Butcher, even if you aren't eating the majority of the cleaves. In my raid, I was only taking the bounding cleaves, but glyphed DP will still reduce the initial damage, as well as the bleed, by a significant amount. Even without Unbreakable Spirit, DP's 1 minute cooldown lines up perfectly with the bounding cleaves.

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Imperador fight will be tough.. Use devotion aura on force nova, say to a Hunter save aspect of the fox for when no auras are available. You will have lots of times when extra healing will be needed, so i like to take merciful wrath glyph, for a more frequent buff to my heals, together with clemency, for more sacs on the tanks. Abuse from holy light, its a long fight, you will needed to control your mana very well. Shield up players that are going to take damage from Arcane Wrath, and use hand of sac on the ones with 6-7 stacks of the debuff, they will take insane damage.

I can't think on more stuff right now, so thats it.

Sorry for my english, its not my native language.

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Not really a class specific tip, but I noticed other healers struggling with mana on Imperator Mar'gok progression, to tackle this I am not wasting any heals other than those that use holy power on players standing in other healers aoe such as healing rain etc, and I am also using Draenic Channeled Mana Potion typically just before the second transition.

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First of all - i have 7/7 heroic and 2/7 Myth, so this good for Heroic and Myth Kargath/Ogron. I never use AoE heal, i try it lot of times, but i found heal with direct heals and eternal flame much better(hps and mana-eff). U coud chek logs, very rare paladin heal this raid-dungeon with aoe(couse paladin's aoe heal - crap, at least for now). Also i prefer Merciful Wrath glyph and Sanctified Wrath, so i coud often use my "wings" and "shock". Dont bother yourself with Holy Avanger, it boost ONLY holy shock  and radiance heal, and couse we DON'T use radiance, and shock heals not big amout of health, it kinda wery bad cd for us(expect u want ~ 5 hots on your raid for 1k tick 'haha').



Hand of Sacrifice on tanks when boss impale them. Go into the stands, use freedom(2 in row with Clemency talant) on your tank so he can easy grab all mobs(they will slow tank). Use Merciful Wrath(glyph), so every time Kargath fling you into the stands, u have your "wings".


Butcher - with glyph Merciful Wrath u can use your wings ~3-4 times, so you can heal with your slow heals all butcher damage, also u want cast Holy prism two times when your "wings" up(easy to do with talant Sanctified Wrath). Your buble wont save u against dot-stacks, they will hit you in it, do not count on buble(not shure about bop).


Tectus - his AoE magic damage, use your Master aura for it. Also u coud help your tanks and stun Earthwarper(when he start cast), so your tank will recive a bit less dmg.


Twin Ogron - u can save low hp ppl with your Hand of Protection when big rock fall down. I found it very usful in Myth. Also you can save ppl from bleed dmg with HoP. Dont forget about hand of Sacrifice on ppl who stand in fire(oh god, help us).


Korag - when someone stack shield and u have to heal this man, dont use Hand of Sacrifice - it dont work here. Better swap your beacon at this target and start flash-heal him. Use your "wings" for heal-absorb debuff. Dont forget - tanks also recive this debuff, so u want HoS on them or even LoH if they tanking adds(dps cant kill them befor boss come).


Imperator - u can rebuke ogre's cast(not focused by your raid). After ogre switch target, rebuke cast, so player, who have to move away will have a bit more time and raid will recive a bit less dmg. At this fight a lot of magic damage, so u prefer chouse Unbreakable Spirit and NOT use Glyph of Divine Protection - so u can easy drop debuff and save yourself when ogre-caster hit you. Also u coud mitigate EVERY force nova(except third phase, when he will spam it like madman) with your Divine Prot.

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The Butcher


Holy Prism is incredibly strong here as you can use it on the butcher after melee take a hit of Gushing Wounds. The 20 second cool down means you can get a lot of use from it all the way through.




If like me you are in a healing set up where aoe is strong, again Holy Prism is great to use on imperator to heal melee after they take camage from force nova. I find one holy prism and a holy shock and even holy light if you are fast and you still have time to jump through it yourself and take care of ranged.

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For Brackenspore, especially on HC, I tend to use Hand of Purity to completely negate the DoTs that are stacked on the tanks, since the Necrotic Breath is a DoT and tanks can have at times 4 stacks of Rot, the 80% DoT damage reduction is insane. Of course, Hand of Sacrifice is still a solid choice while glyphed and with Clemency is it fine. But Hand of Purity is up for every breath and still has a 10% damage reduction as well.

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I am not shure Hand of Purity reduce Brackenspore's breath damage. I tested it with our tank, and it seems block only 10% damage from breath. Thing is - breath isn't dot damage, its channeling frontal aoe. If you shure about Hand of Purity i will test it once more, couse in mythic this breath coud kill tank if he wont press def cooldown(~600k dmg + instant mele hit after breath), or even when he press drf cooldown.

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Twins - with glyphed wings, you can use them every quake, also talent for shorter cd on DS helps when you get too much stacks of blaze

Imperator - first 2 phases just focus tanks and save mana (there is literally no dmg at all), save devo for 1st intermission when dps are going to burn lot of adds (discuss with RL), wings are mandatory on both intermissions and as much as possible in 4th phase

Koragh - Sentence can help healing the one on shield duty (just some burst healing) together with glyphed FoL. Its also usefull to put beacon on the target just for the 10% bonus healing it does. You can even put 1HP EF on as many people as possible (HS and CS on boss) to boost healing. If some healer will use big CD on frost, then he is just stupid moron that want to top meters (better saved for shadow - no overhealing + the shield has to dissapear quickly). Tbh dont know if devo works on shadow, need to test that.

Tectus - Coordination with tanks is huge here so you as range can hug the wall and no mountains are in middle of room (making it easier for line of sight). Wings should be ready when motes come in play and shit go unreal. Not sure if devo helps mitigate upheaval (it shows as purple dmg so it should me magic?). When raid needs healing and you got marked with red dust of destruction, use DS. 7 seconds of extra healing without moving (also use when there is shitload of it around - motes part) and you find yourself in really bad spot (normally pugs but can happen in guild runs)

Bracken - spam HS/FoL on blue shroom to have it up as long as possible. Also RL should tell someone to manage pop of shrooms (pref druid or shammy). I think devo can help while on blue shroom and spores are in (not sure if nature dmg is taken as magic)


+ for every fight

start with 5 hp and full shield on tank that is going to tank first (normally takes 30s), on twins this is bit longer but still helps to save mana on pull when tanks usually drops by 40-50k before AM gets in

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You can use Hand of Protection on the Crystalline Barrage target to negate the damge which allows your raid to stack up the dust in one area and thus you can move more freely.

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Devotion aura dont work for shadow debuff(50k with it, 50k without it, dont remember right nuber but i think u get it). But our buble dispell debuff from you.

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For butcher, standing in melee as holy is great. Due to the buff to EF when cast on self, you can counter the bleeds on you more easily. Additionally, crusader strike is a great way to gen extra HoPo quickly, allowing more EFs. 

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For Brackenspore (Mythic), after many times at this boss I have found it better to pick [sacred Shield] over [Eternal Flame] due to the bucketload of damage being thrown out on the tanks and its better to be pro-active then re-active and with [sacred Shield] ticking you can react when necessary with time on your hands so it reduces spamming. Also agree with the above comment regarding [Hand of Purity] really effective to damage on tanks.

For Twins, [Devotion Aura] should really be used for {Enfeebling Roar}.

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Somthing like this:


/target "ShroomName"

/cast LoH (you coud Shift+click spell in spellbook)


/say Yay! Blue Shroom UP!


Brakenspore: LoH blue shroom, dont LoH green one.

Butcher(M): dont use "wings" glyph! You want your AW with 3 min cd, so you coud solo-heal first 30-40 sec of fight(NO CD Shock YOLO).

AW will be ready like ~3min 20 sec, when you rly need BIG burst of heal.

Start heal with HolyRadiance+Shock+EF(3hp) lowhp. Prism on cd.

Another thing about AW cd - if you glyph it you coud use it only 3 times per fight(150% output), without glyph twice(200% output). BoP your casters in mele range, if there is no casters in meele - BoP them in range, when butcher using charge.

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Brackenspore (Mythic) - I know it's late to post this but its whatever, right? Anyways what we did is have one healer take care of one tank and another take care of the other. ( You can heal both but when they're both taking heavy damage, you heal your assigned tank ) I had both tanks beaconed. I was the only Hpal in our raid.


I was using Hand of purity on my tank as soon as he took the breath, and a DPS paladin took care of the other one, this almost completely eliminated the DoT. The damage does count as a DoT and reduces the damage it does to almost nothing. the healers in my guild almost always hit 90th percentile or higher and we still had problems with healing until we used Hand of Purity, it made the fight a breeze. Downed in 43 attempts, started using purity at around 30-35. 


Another tip is speccing into you 3 minutes wings and telling your raid leader to use it as a raid cooldown during the spore. This is can be very overpowered if used correctly, not many paladins use this, but once you get into mythic, it's insane.


Hope this helps, 1st post ever :)



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