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With new expansions come new beginnings.

Are you looking to start anew? Are you looking for a challenge? But most of all are you looking to simply have a good time playing? Then look no further! Aside from trying to tackle the most difficult raiding content WoD has to offer, we also frequent Challenge Modes, achievements, invasions, you name it.


Inhlangano is a raiding guild mostly made up of veteran players that have raided on and off since WoW's vanilla days. Our events are always lighthearted and we aim to be as successful as we can while maintaining a friendly social atmosphere where people have a laugh.


Our raiding schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00

Saturday 20:00-23:00

Monday 20:00-23:00


All times are Server Time (GMT+1)

Do note that raids may extend beyond their scheduled times, however we always try to notify you beforehand if this is the case.


We're currently opening recruitment for the following classes / specs:

  • Tank: Monk / Paladin / Warrior

  • DPS: Mage / Monk / Priest / Rogue / Warrior

  • Heal: Monk


However, even though your particular class/spec combo may not be listed, we always consider exceptional applicants!


We expect you to

Know your class/role;

Be flexible within your class;

Come prepared with flasks/potions, knowing the tactics. (Food is provided by the guild);

Have a working microphone/headset as we're using Ventrilo as our primary voice comms;

Be reliable and motivated.



Interested? Please visit our website, or contact me in-game for a chat!

RealID: Nyphael#2814


Best regards,


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