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Healbot - Rebirth not working

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I'm using healbot as a resto druid and it's working well for me, the only thing not working is rebirth for some reason.

If simply can't cast rebirth using the healbot frames, if i use it in the party frame as usual its no problems.


Its really annoying not being able to combat res using healbot, if i can't fix this i will have to change to something else.


Anyone know what the problem is?

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    • By Jorno
      Good morning Icy Veins,
      I've been watching some videos to improve my UI from a resto druid perspective. I found this video from Method vs Xavius from the POV of their holy paladin. This video shows a lot of different addons, but i'm mainly curious about the addon which is used for the raid frames and on click healing.
      My assuption this is Vudho or Healbot in combination with Elvui?, but i would like to have your feedback. This friday i'll be starting to set up my UI so any help you guys can provide me would be perfect.
      My main goal is to have a almost standard single player UI, but a more slick and healer friendly UI for mythic + and Raiding.
      Thank you :)
      PS. If you have any video's/screens of your own UI (resto druid prefered)  i'm happy to copy it over ;)
    • By Semperfortis
      I am trying to become a good healer so I started by reading the basic healing guide posted on Icy Veins.
      I think I'm going to have a lot of questions, but only one or two here to start.
      The healing guide offers advice on some healing addons. Icy Veins' favorite appears to be one called Grid which I had not heard of. Some online/in game friends suggested Healbot quite some time ago and I have installed it and made some configuration changes.
      The problem I have in raids is that I have Healbot up on the right side of the screen and raid frames come up unbidden on the left side of the screen.
      It appears that Healbot pretty much duplicates the game UI's raid frames with the added benefit of being able to heal, buff and debuff through Healbot. So, it also appears that I really don't need the game's raid frames up if I have Healbot up.
      Do those of you who use Healbot (and I suppose also Grid) have some way to disable the game's raid frames so that you can see better what's going on? Is that even possible? Or is it perhaps the case that for some reason you do not want to disable the game's raid frames? Rest assured that your input will be valued.
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