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I am trying to become a good healer so I started by reading the basic healing guide posted on Icy Veins.

I think I'm going to have a lot of questions, but only one or two here to start.

The healing guide offers advice on some healing addons. Icy Veins' favorite appears to be one called Grid which I had not heard of. Some online/in game friends suggested Healbot quite some time ago and I have installed it and made some configuration changes.

The problem I have in raids is that I have Healbot up on the right side of the screen and raid frames come up unbidden on the left side of the screen.

It appears that Healbot pretty much duplicates the game UI's raid frames with the added benefit of being able to heal, buff and debuff through Healbot. So, it also appears that I really don't need the game's raid frames up if I have Healbot up.

Do those of you who use Healbot (and I suppose also Grid) have some way to disable the game's raid frames so that you can see better what's going on? Is that even possible? Or is it perhaps the case that for some reason you do not want to disable the game's raid frames? Rest assured that your input will be valued.


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You can disable the default frames by opening the panel to the left of it (hidden with an arrow) the and hiding the frames all together.

To name a few others I enjoy VuhDo mainly because it has MANY customization options for me.

Another is "clique" which is not a raid frame, but it allows you click with your mouse over default raid frames.

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If you are anything like me the little bar that blizzard keeps up on the screen even after disabling the raid frames annoys me to death. You can also download a unitframe addon to remove the raidframes alltogether as well. Some popular one are Shadowed(which i use), xperl, or Pitbull,


Healbot is a great mod for healing and if your comfortable with it, stick with it. I prefer Vuhdo over healbot as there are many more available options as well as a much easier interface to navigate and set up. It is also a little more responsive than healbot....meaning a noticable difference is frame lag and refresh rate on the actual healing panels. Im not saying Healbot is bad by any means, but I the performance on Vuhdu is much better.

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I actually use Blizzard's raid frames now for raids because they everything I really need to see and look decent. They could certainly use more customization  options.

Mainly I started using this because XPerl gives me difficulties when I'm trying to set up world markers.  But, if you're not leading raids  go ahead and give  XPerl  a shot.


Personally, I really do not like HealBot or other similar addons as  I prefer to  do everything the  old school  way with keybinds and  macros when I  need them. I don't like having to  depend on  a  mod to do  such important things for  me and  be crippled if it ever doesn't work.

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I prefer to  do everything the  old school  way with keybinds and  macros when I  need them. I don't like having to  depend on  a  mod to do  such important things for  me and  be crippled if it ever doesn't work.

This comment I see a lot kinda irks me. I've gotten into a more keybinding/mouseover mode since I first started, but I still use vuhdo exclusively because of its customization options.

You don't need to use the click feature. You can still keybind/mouseover all you want. What the point? Customizing the way the bars, debuffs, and hots/shields display. You can't do that with blizzard frames.

Your point about breaking is valid, but that only happens to a massive degrees on expansions, not patches. You're not gonna be missing an addon most times before raids actually matter and if they are broken, you can still use blizzard frames until they get fixed.

I'm mainly saying this because I find it disheartening that people don't consider the customization part of Vuhdo when it's so powerful.

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