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Hello there folkes,


NOTE: we only look for people who speak DUTCH or FLEMISH!


Century Gaming is recruiting people to fill their roster for WoD. We are a Dutch speaking guild, so this means, we will only accept people, who are capable of talking Dutch. Century Gaming is a 14/14 Heroic guild, which is currently ranked #1 of the 10 man Dutch ladder. 


We raid 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

We raid from 20:00 till 23:00, local time in the Netherlands.


What can you expect from Century Gaming:

- An all Dutch society with lots of social interaction;

- A high-end raiding guild, which aims to be te best they can;

- A nice place to play your class at max capacity in World of Wacraft.

- A stable team, which exists for almost 9 years as a 'clan' and 2 years as a WoW guild.


What do we expect from people?:

- A perfect knowledge of all of your classes specs;

- A perfect knowledge of all of the fights in the current raid tier;

- A good dedication towards the team and towards the guild;

- Last but not least: a team player: no whiner, no loot-whore.


The people we currenly need are:

One Ranged dps spot: Warlock, Shadow Priest of Boomkin.​

One Melee dps spot: Rogue, Death Knight, Enhancement Shaman of Warrior!​


Do you think that you suit Century Gaming and are you Dutch speaking (Belgique counts as well)? Then apply @ our website: 


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We are now mainly looking for ranged dps.


We got 7/10 Myhtic in BRF and 6/7 Mythic in Highmaul

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