[EU-SILVERMOON][A] <Initium Novum> A Casual raiding guild that's looking for DPS and more

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We are currently raiding twice a week- Mondays and Thursdays 8-11 pm server time.

We've done two raid nights so far this expac and have downed the first 3 bosses in High Maul on Normal mode

We're looking for DPS players (ranged or melee) to bolster our ranks as we complete normal modes and move on to heroics. We're loving the new flexible approach. We should be able to fit in any DPS with ilvl 630+. We're currently running 2 tanks, 3-4 healers and enough DPS to be balanced.

We're a friendly and mostly casuaul guild, and we've been regularly raiding together since the Throne of Thunder.

We also do regular dungeon runs, a bit of PVP and old content when we get the chance. As such, we'll welcome any and all to our guild. DPS folks are pretty much guaranteed to be able to raid (with ilvl 630+), but tanks, healers and target dummys may get the chance too!

So, in short, if you're looking for a guild with laid back and friendly atmosphere with plenty of banter but also want to get some raiding done, drop one of our officers a whisper if you see us online.



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