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Pandemic is looking for active and skilled players for Mythic progression.

We strive to push progression, while having fun and enjoyable raid environment.



7/7 Heroic

1/7 Mythic







Restoration Druid

Holy Priest

Mistweaver Monk

Restoration Shaman




Shadow Priest




-Must be able to make all raid nights (We understand that real life comes first and that it will stop people from making every night).

-Must be an Adult: the raid team has an adult environment, meaning that potential raiders must be able to take a joke and deal with adult topics and conversation. 

-Accept Responsibility for ones mistakes: If someone makes a mistake, they need to not give excuses(unless there is a valid one).

-You must be prepared: You need to understand how to play your class, come to raid ready with potions/flasks and have watched any video we are using. 


Raid Nights:

Tuesday 8-11 EST

Wednesday  8-11 EST

Thursday 8-11 EST


Recruiting is based on Raid Awareness/Mechanics, Personality, and dps. We like to have fun! Try-outs in Heroic HM and dungeons.


Whisper LordAsh#1872,Bootyshake#1535 or Nerolus#1493 for any further questions.

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