Hi! Subach are currently recruiting: MW Monk Warlock Any exceptional candidat[H] Subach - Taren Mill EU Recruiting DPS & Healers 7/7HC 4/7 Mythic

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Subach are currently recruiting: 

MW Monk

Any exceptional candidates will be considered. Please apply at

Were a high progression mythic raiding team who raid only 3 times a week but achieve high standards during our raids. We raid on Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday from 20:00 - 23:00 game time. We have been operating running different guilds together since BC raiding and have launched a new campaign in WoD and achieving good success rates with 7/7 HC and 4/7 mythic currently on grind. We run alt teams through heroic as an optional raid and have an excellent community of gamers and contributors who are currently working on Brackenspore mythic.

What we expect from our recruits: 
- 100% attendance to raids
- At least 7/7 Heroic
- Average ilvl for mythic raiding (ilvl 660+)

Link to our logs:
Link to our site:

Please /w Toxic on Tarren Mill
Battlenet: Godwin#2384

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