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[US- Stormrage] [A] Ante Meridiem 1/7M Recruiting

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Ante Meridiem is one of the longest consistently Alliance raiding guild located on the (US) Stormrage server (PVE), We have two 25man raiding teams, the AMAM and AMPM 25man Raiding Teams.






The AMAM Morning raid team:

Raid Schedule: 11 Hour Raid Week!

Friday:9am to 1pm EST

Saturday: 9am to 12pm EST

Monday: 9am to 1pm EST


Recruitment Needs of AMAM as of 2 Jan 2015:



High - Paladin : Prot

High - Druid : Guardian

High - Death Knight : Blood

High - Warrior : Prot

High - Monk Brewmaster



High - Paladin : Holy

High - Priest : Disc

High - Priest : Holy

High - Monk Mistweaver

Low - Druid : Resto

Low - Shaman : Resto



Medium - Priest : Shadow

Low - Mage

Low - Warlock

Medium - Druid : Balance

Medium - Shaman : Elemental



Low - Druid : Feral

Medium - Rogue

Low - Warrior : DPS

Low - Hunter

Low - Paladin : Ret

Medium- Shaman : Enhancement

Medium - Death Knight : DPS

Medium - Monk : Windwalker



Raiding times are


Sun 7-11pm

Mon 7-11pm

Tues 7-11pm


Recruitment Needs of AMPM as of 4 Jan 2015:



Low - Druid : Feral

Low - Death Knight : Tank

Low - Paladin : Prot

Low - Warrior : Prot

Low - Monk Tank



Low - Druid : Resto

Medium - Paladin : Holy

High- Priest : Disc

Low - Shaman : Resto

High- Monk Mistweaver



Low- Druid : Balance

Low - Priest : DPS

Low - Shaman : Elemental

Low- Warlock

High - Mage



Low- Death Knight : DPS

Low - Druid : Feral

Low - Hunter

Low - Paladin : Ret

Low - Rogue

Low- Shaman : Enhancement

Low - Warrior : DPS

High - Monk


Important Information:


After app'ing on our site you MUST check back on your post for a response.. We will review and ask questions about your application, and expect a response back before we contact you. We will take you on a trial run which could consist of an entire raid week. We get to test drive you and you get to test drive us!


We are looking for candidates that can and will commit to our team's three day schedules and know their class. If you can not commit to our raiding schedule we will not accept your application. EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS are always welcome. If your class/spec is closed please feel free to Apply anyway.


If you have any questions feel free to contact the folowing people, although if it is during the raid times listed above it would be preferred if you dropped us an in-game mail.


Norion (AMAM)

Rhaevan (AMAM)




Mahlaa (AMPM)

Flaystation (AMPM)




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