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Newbie here! Would appreciate some advice :)

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Hi, I just started playing wow after Christmas. I had wanted to play for a while but hadn't got the chance. 


I started with a dark elf rouge with a specialization in assassination. They are now at level 22 I think (super new!). My friend told me that because that character was alliance that I wouldn't be able to play with him as he is part of Horde. I kind of was not completely happy with this character but still go back from time to time. 


I got invited to a Guild randomly after around level 20 but have no idea what this means and have no idea who any of the people are. I want to be involved in doing things within the guild such as raids and what have you but I don't know any of the people or how to contact anyone in the guild. 


Anyways I started a new character apart of the Horde. They are a Mage with a specialization in Arcane magic. I like her much better but feel like doing all the quests and such are not getting me far. I know it's great for getting and started and has gotten this character to level 10 so far. Any help with either of these two will be awesome. Some tips and places to go will be really appreciated as well. When I first started I think the thing that overwhelmed me the most was how big the world was. 


Thanks :)

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Don't delete any characters, its very easy just to change specialization when you want to.


For Mage leveling, I recommend this guide, also be sure to check the Mage section for any help. You can start new topics.


I also recommend looking at this topic, since it covers the same subject (New players).

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