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Hey all! I'm Falconepunch55. I stream Hearthstone every single day. I pride myself on always being interactive, responding to almost everything that is posted in the chat. I've achieved Legend rank 4 times, and consistently perform well in tournaments that I enter, having won $50 in one. 

I have a lovely community of people who watch the stream every day, and I'm always looking for more to join us. I've been streaming since July and now have my heart set on making this my future. For christmas I bought myself a £1,000 PC to increase the quality of the stream. I take it very seriously. I'm often told I'm one of the most underrated streamers on twitch, and that I deserve a bigger piece of the pie, so I'm currently trying to make that happen.
Come check out the stream! Highlights and past broadcasts are available, or catch me when I'm live. Happy hearthing all! 

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