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[US-Darkspear][A] Primary Target - (pve) currently recruiting

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Newly reformed and restructured guild Primary Target is looking for core members for normal, heroic and soon to be mythic progression. We are currently 6/7 Heroic and plan to continue heroic progression until we have a core 20 man group for mythic. We will also plan to have a small group of heroic members help newer members gear through normal and be ready for heroics then eventually mythic. Our current Raid Schedule as it stands now is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-8:30pm server time and Saturday at 6:30-9:30pm server time(raid times are set in stone as of this time but may be subject to change due to fitting times and days that are best for all core members)

We are currently looking for a main and off tank, which can fit our raid schedule along with 2-3 healers and about 10 dps. We currently do NOT need any Healer priests. We are currently looking for a resto druid/shaman and a holy pally for heals. We DO need a Shaman Dps/Heals or Mage Dps. Any and all other specs will be considered and added to the core team if exceptional players.

Please be around 650ilvl+ and pull respectively about 15k+ dps/25k+ hps before you consider joining for heroics and be around 630ilvl for normals, every member will enter a trial period to see if you fit in with the current raid group and any member is subject to be removed regardless of time spent in the team if need be. We would ask that you at least make 2 of the 3 raid days each week, people making all 3 days will have priority over those who do not if the group is full.

Please post your in game name spec and ilvl in the following format if wanting to apply in this forum. I or any other raid management leader will message you via in game mail for more info from you.
IGN: Foxynights
Main Spec: Assassination Rogue 
Off Spec: Combat Rogue
Ilvl: 658

As well if you have any question you can in game mail/message or add
Foxynights (Flarpopo1#1979) – Darkspear 
Felthgin (Fel#1664) – Darkspear
SorakaFrags (zacandrade#1237) – Darkspear

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