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Prot pally feeling gimped in Heroic HM

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Howdy, I'm a long time raider and I decided to go back to my BC/WOLK main to tank in WoD. Problem is that ever since the xpac was released, I have felt nothing but gimped. I've run simcraft countless times for stat weights, read everything I could here and elsewhere on rotations/priorities, watched endless hours of videos of the encounters, but cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Tonight (9Jan2015) we wiped at least 15 times on H Imperator and most times due to me dying (what seems to me) at random. I'm using the prescribed rotation from here, and trying to keep Sacred Shield. Word of Glory and SoTR up at all times.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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U mostly die to consecutive 60-80k melee hits, which maybe due to fcked up tank swap. Idk about dem mines tho, they should only be triggered like "ok, wipe and retry". If the boss had <10 attackspeed stacks just blame the healers.

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I see a lot of non-tank dmg and deaths from Mark of Chaos on nearly every attempt.  How are you handling that?


I only took a very quick look at your tanking but here are some quick observations...


- Your ShoR uptime varies quite wildly but is generally too low on some encounters (I didn't examine if this was a result of not using it during non-tanking times).  I am at work, after all.  :-P

- You're not making proper use of your CDs.  All CDs are generally under used.

- You're good about keeping SS up.

- You're not using your trinket on-use CD (at least that I can find)

- I'd probably drop DP.  It's too random to really be effective in my opinion.

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