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Souls of Hate is a new guild looking for more individuals who would like to raid and progress throughout the new Warlords content.

We are not a hardcore guild and real life must always come first. We have only just started so no real progression other than pugs.

Currently looking at Raiding 3 times a week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday 1930 (CST)/Realm time.

Specific roles needed:


Tank X 1

Will take any


Healer X 4

Prefer one Resto Druid, and Resto Shaman. The remaining two can be any heal type.


Melee DPS X 6

Prefer a mixture of Rogue, Paladin, Shaman, Warrior, Druid, Deathknight


Ranged DPS X 4

Prefer Mages X 2, Warlock, and S. Priest


These are only preferences to build a well rounded team not a set in stone recruitment as long as the roles are filled.

If interested please message Alisandrae, Hathalion, Aldrean, Khaleasie, Fillet, or Zakdorei in game.

All will be -Quel'Dorei if you are on Sen'Jin

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