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Help me help myself (a critique my logs thread)

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I don't think I'm necessarily under performing but I'm sure there are spots to imporve. I try to follow the recommendations in the class guide as closely as possible. I do have Vendetta and Shadow Reflection macro'd together. Lately I've been hitting it prior to a 5 point Rupture, which is not the sequence in the rogue guide. It looks like it gets applied by the reflection but I'm not sure if its the full duration or what.



Warcraft logs

(linked to an Imperator(N) kill but there are a ton of wipes on him in this log as well)



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Hi there, kind of new to this forum, but been playing a rogue a while, And everything that I've seen and tested so far in WoD, assassination is the lowest of the 3 specs for rogues (except on Twins) if you're trying to maximize dps I would recommend going Sub or combat depending on the weapons you can get. Now I'm not an expert log reader like some of the other people around here, but your rupture time is at 90% which isn't bad, but could use improvement, we want this is be as close to 100% uptime as possible. You also want to try and line CD's such as Vendetta and Shadow reflection up with your agi pot/lust if possible, this should give you a pretty good dps increase. Also try to make sure you're getting as many casts of dispatch in as possible this should be your 2nd or 3rd most damaging ability. Your envenom up time could be better, I'm seeing leading assassination rogues with around 60% up time on it. That's about all I can say though, I don't play assassination regularly, nor am I some sort of rogue guru like Carrn, but these were things that I saw that looked like you could improve on. I may not be entirely accurate so before you go making huge changes to anything you might wanna wait for one of the more veteran members tell you what's up. I do wish you the best of luck though and I hope I was at least some what helpful!

Cheers! biggrin.png  

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