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[EU-Tarren Mill] [H] - Structure [SWE] Mythic Progress

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Hello wonderful WoW community!


We just started this guild, now a month ago ,and we have been trying to reach out to all swedish players in Tarren mill with some what alright result.


The core team was created from the best players among the ones we managed to gather to our little family like guild. With the core team early on created we challenged WoDs newest raid and have now cleared 7/7N, 7/7HC and 1/7M. The reason we are having problem with mythic is the few players we are missing and in hope of this thread reaching out to some interested people we will be able to fill our last spots and clear even mythic as soon as possible.


Our guild is a swedish guild that welcomes all kind of swedish players, our goal is to create a family like community and make it last as long as possible. We will build this guild so it covers every aspect of the game for every kind of player.


The players we seek are caring and sharing, dedicated, interested and active for the good of our guild. These are just the most basic attributes we seek from you as a potential member, and there is even more attributes that we value, we grade up our co leaders/builders that are given more influence to evolve the guild to something greater based on more detailed criterias.


I can go on with endless information, but i rather interview people via skype to minimize the misunderstanding around the questions in details.


Are you interested?


Start by visiting our website for some more info and even register and take the first step into our family.


The apply section is mostly for the ones who wanna join the core team, everyone can apply if they feel like it, its just great info for us to start with when we start to know each other.


Like i said, we will then contact you about that skype conversation and make everything clear and see if we are on the same page to make a final decision.



Keep in mind!


That we are newly formed guild and that we are working as hard as we can to make it work for everyone.


Our guild is in the earliest stages, that can make it look like we are not able to be everywhere, but there shouldn't be a problem as long as we communicate with each other and solve questions before it escalates to bigger problems.


Patience and understanding will be the key to our solidarity, my main reason to keep this guild swedish right now is to get past this early stage with as less misunderstanding as possible and easier create that solid understanding of other people.


People tend to express poorly even if they talk or write in the same language, so the plan is to start as convenient as possible and in future hope that we get to the stage there we can welcome even more people, and make the guild mainly english, as we evolve our understanding beyond our own everyday familiar people. 


See you soon!

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