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[US-AeriePeak][A]<Blasphemous Latin Term> 1/7M LFM

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TL;DR: We are 7/7N, 7/7H, and 1/7M.  We're looking for additional raiders on Aerie-Peak to join us in BLT for our Mythic Progression.


We raid Tuesday,Thursday, Sunday.  Setup at 9:15 Eastern Time and finish around 11:30/12PM.


We are open to all roles and classes.  Being a "good fit" is important to us but with this being a progression team we also value player skill and ability.  Obviously to get through our Normal and Heroic clears we've got some competent players in every role, but we're also eager to start pushing into Mythic and so have some flexibility to fit the right players into our rotation.


If interested please reach out to myself--Telstoo (FreakMasty#1933)--or Arlonath (Cephster#1588) through battle.net or in game!  If you wish to check us out ahead of time, we are also hosting a clear of Normal Highmaul open to all on Monday nights @9:15PM Eastern outside of our typical weekly raid schedule.


Feel free to read more about us below!


We are a social raiding guild that likes progression, but raids at our own pace. Our goal is to complete content while it is still relevant. We are looking to fill out our raiding teams in Warcraft. For membership purposes, we consider social/cultural fit into Blasphemous to be the sole criteria. Since hardcore/competitive PvE progression isn't a concern of ours, we'd rather be patient and bring in members that will enjoy their time with us (and vice versa). We will accept players of all skill level and experience with the expectation that members are interested in improving and contributing to the team.


Our goals in Warlords of Draenor are to have fun killing bosses with minimal ceremony or drama with people in which we can enjoy our limited time together in game. We spend a lot of time in our mumble server which can (basically) support infinity users. Beer and cocktails are encouraged... maybe even required sometimes. wink.png


Our guild is predominantly comprised of working adults without the luxury of structuring our lives around our games, so we do our best to structure our games around our lives. That said, we have scheduled raid nights of Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday beginning at 9:15 Eastern time (6:15 server). Typically we raid for 2-3 hours and try to be finished by midnight (12PM Eastern/9PM Server Time). Depending on where we're at on gear, most of our progression happens on Thursday and Sunday.


A handful of our members will also be found regularly outside of those events taking on other aspects of the game such as leveling and gearing alts, PvP, or transmog farming.

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