[EU-HELLSCREAM][A] Insurrection 6/7HC 7/7NM - Recruiting

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Insurrection has been around for 5 years and is still going strong, we're close knit bunch who are 

just here to enjoy the game and have fun. I would still consider us a casual guild with only 3 raid nights a week. We have a lot of knowledgeable people here and we're always

willing to help others improve, so do send in your applications you may find a new home here.


Insurrection are looking to increase our raid group as we are working through heroics.


Raid times:

Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 9.30-00.30 server time. We use vent.


Roles open: 

Tank (offspec dps a plus)

Healer / DPS happy to play either spec



Looking for players with similar gear and progression as us, but all good applications will be considered. 




To join check our website or whisper an officer in game.

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Insurrection, a five year old English speaking guild on Hellscream/Aggramar are looking to boost our raiding group.

We have many real life friends/family in the guild and this aspect is important to us while we push through raid content as we do like a bit of banter as we go.

We raid Wednesday, Sunday, Monday 9.30 - 00.30 server time and use vent.

9/10 7/10HC.

The following roles/classes are open:

Resto shaman
Holy priest (disc offspec ideally)
Mistweaver monk

Ret paladin
Elemental shaman
Enhancement shaman

Vanquisher tier token is full - we have 2 from every class on this tier and the other two tokens drop like candy.

Ideally we would love dps that can offspec as tank or healer to maximise group options. 

Goal is to progress to clear heroic and move on to mythic which means we have a handful open spots including DPS and are very open to friends joining together if you fill the roles above.

Gear 670+ and must have experience in BRF normal - ideally heroic.

You can apply on our website www.insurrection-hellscream.com or whisper an officer in game.

Looking forward to hearing from you and raiding with you in future.


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