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EU-Magtheridon [H] The Dark Meow

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Who we are.
The Dark Meow was known as the fiercest Horde guild on the heavily alliance infested server Silvermoon. Back then we were known as Ashaman Taveren. As that server has gone downhill for the Horde side faster and faster, we found a new home on Magtheridon.

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that values a good guild environment as well as progression in raids. At the moment we are steadily progressing Mythic and we are currently on 2/7 M. We are always looking for new players to strengthen our raid roster.

Our progression group raids @:

- wednesday, thursday, monday (20.00 – 23.00 servertime)
- alternate/extra raidnigths: sunday, tuesday (same time)

The Dark Meow is a mature guild with people from all over Europe, this means that in order to apply you must be 18 years or older.


We are currently in need on:

Shadow Priest


What we expect from you.
For people to fit into our guild, you must have a sense of humour and be able to take criticism. We expect applicants to understand their class completely and all of its mechanics. Contributing to the guild whether through the forums or in game is important to us and in return the guild will do our best provide you with free repairs, an enjoyable environment, steady progression and maybe the most important thing: fun!

New recruits are placed on a try-out period. This is not only so that we can see what you are like and how you perform, but will also give you the opportunity to decide whether we are the right guild for you. In our raids we use the EP/GP lootsystem, this system works very good for us.

Where to apply?
You can apply at our website:


You'll usually get a quick reply or questions fired back at you so check back often!

Or contact an officer ingame.


Also feel free to reply to this post with any questions you might have!

Looking forward to hear from you!


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Recruitment updated, now we need:

resto/ele shaman

shadow priest




feel free to add the battletags for any questions or reply to the post

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