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[US-Stormage][A] - <Death Praised> - LF 2 Officers: Guild Recruiter & PvP Lead

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Good morning, afternoon, evening... whenever you find yourself reading this!


<Death Praised> of Stormrage is looking to fill two Officer positions in our efforts to expand our Guild roster, presence, and overall activity. Listed below you will find each of these two positions defined in a little bit more detail as to what we're specifically looking for.


For both of these positions we ask that you maintain the following characteristics / qualities, if you will:

  • 21+ years old, preferably. Exceptions can be made to the age of 18. No exceptions for 17 years of age or below.
  • Passionate about the game.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Self-aware and self-motivated. We don't like "pushing" our officers to do their job.
  • Dedication, Loyalty, Integrity, Honor.
  • Partake in the weekly Officer meeting.

These are generalized, broad expectations that will be held of both of these positions.


As pointed out in the thread title, these two positions are Officer positions. The current leadership of <Death Praised> understands the responsibilities and personal sacrifice that these two individuals will go through and, as such, we do not feel that they should hold generalized ranks. Due to the nature of this type of recruitment, both individuals will be expected to expedite their knowledge of our Guild via their interview in TeamSpeak and reading over our website to meet expectations of a Guild Officer.


Without further delay, here are the more specific aspects of each of these positions.


Guild Recruiter:


The Guild Recruiter will be responsible for two aspects of recruiting: General Members and Trial Raiders. More specifically, they can be expected to maintain the following responsibilities:

  • Continued recruitment for General Members
  • Keeping up-to-date with the needs of our Raid Team
  • Managing recruitment sources (forum threads, in-game macros, etc.)
  • Exercising creativity (within reason) to bring interest to our Guild
  • Comfortable being a go-to person for all Recruitment purposes
  • Comfortable talking / socializing with other individuals

PvP Lead:


The PvP Lead will be responsible for all aspects of PvP for our Guild. This individual should be well versed in the PvP atmosphere of the game and be willing to address any issues, questions, or situations that arise. More specifically, this individual can be expected to maintain the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit (in assistance with the Recruitment Officer) for any PvP team you wish to maintain.
  • Complete weekly Guild PvP goals.
  • Manage team(s) for Areans, Battlegrounds (Rated or otherwise), and world PvP.
  • Exercise creativity (within reason) to bring activity to this department of <Death Praised>


I will be honest; this individual will have an uphill battle as they will literally be starting from scratch. A few select of us PvP as we get the chance but there is nothing, currently that is organized within our Guild.


If you are interested in either of these positions, please take the time to check out our website, read over the information there, and become educated on what our Guild is about. You are then encouraged to either post here, post on our website, or get in contact with me via BattleTag in game for any questions you may have.


Anyone interested will be required to have an interview in TeamSpeak with myself and, potentially, the other Officers of <Death Praised>.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to filling these positions. Please look below for relevant links and contact information.


- Sajakain
Guild Master, <Death Praised>


BattleTag: Garzhvog#1306


Team Mission:

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