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Stone Guards multi dot strategy

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I'm wondering about possible improvements for my affliction rotation for the Stone Guards. I am keeping high uptime on the two paired dogs but it's cutting deeply into my MG time and I'm hoping for some tips for improvement.

I currently rely on target and focus to max uptime.

I use Raven to track dots on both target and focus, and I use the shift modifier (default) as cast on focus. Before the pull I focus one of the paired dogs. I do the standard opener on the target, CoE, SS:SB, Haunt, then shift-dot up the focus target except Haunt, then MG when I'm not dotting. Now that both timers are active, I can tell when I need to re apply on the focus target. When the tank taunts, the the one that moves becomes the focus and I apply dots on the new target. Using Shfit to cast on the focus seems to work pretty well but there are a couple of difficulties in implementation:

1) It may be bad key bindings, but I find it time consuming to shift the focus, retarget and get back into the rotation.

2) Full dot uptime on two targets is cutting deeply into my MG time and I wonder if it's a net loss. I try to re apply with only a couple ticks left. UA is the real kicker when it comes to reapplying. I have 3043 haste so I get an extra tick but even so it's the short pole in the tent.

3) Getting chained obviously hurts due to extra movement but cobalt mines are almost as bad when it comes to busting up your rotation timings.

Would it be an improvement to do a standard SS on the dog that is being left alone and apply it to the new target? It would work best if I was already using the dog staying put as the target and not the focus.

Also, maybe I should not worry about fixing the focus till I was already in position dpsing the new pair? It can get complicated moving to get into position, shifting focus and selecting the new target all at once. One of the reasons it can be a pain to retarget is that with so much going on screen the mouse pointer can sometimes be hard to see and clicking the new target can take time. Tab targeting isnt always faster either depending on how far away you are.

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i have the exact same experience on these multi dot fights. supposedly us warlocks are master of the multi dot but it seems with MG we lose all of our mobility now so these multi dot fights are more of a weakness than a strength now.

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We actually have a lock in our guild right now arguing that this is what she has to do, its better dps etc... She's now pulling aggro right off the start (you know, as the tanks are getting situated in the first 5-10 sec) and her dps is NOT any higher than normal.... So yay or nay on this strat?! Guild theory crafting says no.... She says yes. Its just frustrating our healers trying to keep her alive after she pulls aggro from the 3rd guardian who hasn't been held by a tank long enough.

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Keep DoTs up on both targets at all costs. I did this and pushed 83k which put me at the 94th percentile of all Affliction Warlocks on 10 man normal. DoTs on both, MG on one. Manually cast them and use shards for Haunt.

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I agree...Multi-DoTing is comparatively weak for us, but if you're good at it, it's still a DPS gain. Many unit frames addons (such as Shadowed Unit Frames) have boss frames that make this very easy. Rather than hunting for the right name plate to DoT or tab-targeting, you can simply mouseover DoT the boss frame.

My understanding is that Agony is the only DoT ever worth interrupting MG for. Interrupt your channel if you need to maintain your 10-stack on the second target, but otherwise, second target DoTs should be reapplied with a best-effort approach - Meaning when there's an obvious breaking point in your rotation.

Multi-DoTing two targets should not cut too deeply into MG time. If you find you're having difficulty maintaining MG uptime with UA in your second target rotation, just toss up Corruption and maintain Agony's 10 stack, forsaking UA, and you'll still be ahead damage.

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