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Need Demo Help

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Hey all using demo as my 2nd spec switching from destro.


I have been reading all about Demo and I think I know the rotation pretty well corruption up HoG Soul Fire with 4 molten procs use Demon Bolt in Meta doom etc but I can't seem to stop running out of mana.... Not sure what the heck i'm doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated on what I may be doing wrong.

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It's just the design being so. Don't fix your attention on in and Lifetap, as caessa pointed out.
Not much to do, really.wink.png 

It's 2015 and we are still DPS class having mana issues. What on earth...

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Your rotation seems a bit off, unless I'm completely wrong.  If you're specced Demonbolt you should be casting Soul Fire when Molten core procs (in caster form).   You only wait for four stacks of Molten Core if you're specced Cataclysm or DS.  

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      Hello. I have been demo warlock for almost 1 week now i have been trying to test difference rotation but seem like my opening/burst is fine enough but my upkeep stable dps is really bad.
      currently my rotation is curse of the elements->corruption->hand of guldan->dark soul->imp swarm->hand of guldan->meta->doom->if buff up cast soulfire else touch of chaos till 0 fury-> seem like i handle the meta form wrong,
      the only WOL i got from megera LFR not fully buffed.
      also here is my armory.
      I appreciate any help i could get to fix my problem
      also i dont write alot on forums so may lacking details just write and i will try to get more details
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