Frozen Elemental Reaction

Frozen Elemental Reaction in Genshin Impact

This page contains information about the Frozen Reaction in Genshin Impact, explaining what Frozen is, how the Elemental Reaction occurs as well as some recommendations for characters which utilise this reaction.

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Frozen Reaction Guide in Genshin Impact

Frozen is an Elemental Reaction caused by applying Hydro onto Cryo and vice versa. When a Frozen Reaction occurs a Freeze Aura will be applied and enemies will be immobilized but the reaction itself will not deal any damage. Instead it can be used to follow up with additional Elemental Reactions while the enemy is Frozen.


Best Frozen Characters

Listed below are some characters which effectively utilise the Frozen Elemental Reaction. This is not a definitive list and many Hydro or Cryo characters can be used.

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Character Explanation
Diona Diona is a great 4-star option in Freeze teams as she is able to both provide Cryo application as well as shielding through Icy Paws.
Sangonomiya Kokomi Kokomi has amazing AoE Hydro Application using Kurage's Oath which can even be refreshed again using Nereid's Ascension to allow for constant uptime on both healing and Hydro.
Kamisato Ayaka Ayaka is often a staple in Freeze teams with impressive Cryo application in all aspects of her kit she helps to keep enemies locked down while also dealing high damage.
Ganyu Ganyu is great in Freeze teams and can be played both on-field using her Charged Attack playstyle or off-field primarily using Trail of the Qilin to taunt enemies and Celestial Shower to deal Cryo DMG in an AoE for 15 seconds.


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