Genshin Impact Leaks for 4.7, and beyond: new characters, weapons, banners, events, zones

Genshin Impact Leaks for 4.7, and beyond: new characters, weapons, banners, events, zones

Welcome Travelers to our Genshin Impact Leaks hub page focusing on content such as future Characters, Weapons, Events and More! Leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt until officially confirmed. For those who don't mind some primarily non-story spoilers or want to plan their Primogem spending, take an early look at what's to come!

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Future Characters

Genshin Impact's ever-expanding world of Teyvat continues to grow with each new update, introducing new characters that players can add to their rosters. Our Upcoming Characters page serves to provide information on leaked and upcoming playable characters that will release at some point in the future.

From their suspected release patches, Elements and weapons to speculative analyses and leaked information, fans can find the latest rumours and reliable leaks about Genshin's future roster additions. Whether that is to just stay in the know or to help plan future Primogem spending, this page has everything you need to know.


Patch 4.7 Character Leak Guides

Our Guides for the 3 characters releasing in 4.7 are now available.

  • Clorinde - Electro DPS who utilises Bond of Life to deal more damage.
  • Sethos - Electro DPS who uses their Elemental Burst to deal more powerful Normal Attacks on their bow.
  • Sigewinne - Hydro Healer/SubDPS who can CC enemies and provide powerful healing.

Future Banners

Future Banner information is key to helping you manage your primogems and ensuring you can plan for the characters and weapons that you want. Our Upcoming Banners page has the most up-to-date information with regards to banner speculations.


Patch 4.7 Leaks

The newest patch to be released is patch 4.7 featuring 3 new characters, new weapons, events and even new endgame content. Our patch 4.7 general leaks page will cover the known items and content releasing in the next patch.


Natlan and 5.0 Leaks

Natlan, the Pyro nation, is the next major region set to be introduced in Genshin Impact with the highly anticipated 5.0 update. Shrouded in mystery, this fiery realm promises to unveil a captivating storyline, new playable characters, and breathtaking environments.

Check out our overview page for leaks surrounding the new region as well as game mechanics bring introduced in 5.0.



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  • 05 Apr. 2024: Page initially created with 4.6+ Content.
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