Windwheel Aster

Windwheel Aster

Windwheel Aster is a Local Specialty found in windy areas of Mondstadt. It can also be bought in small quantity from Flora.

Windwheel Aster is used for ascending Bennett, Sucrose, and The Traveler, as well as for crafting Wind Catchers.

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Used by
Bennett Sucrose Anemo Traveler Dendro Traveler Electro Traveler Geo Traveler Hydro Traveler

How to Obtain Windwheel Aster?

Windwheel Aster can be obtained from windy areas of Mondstadt. You can follow our Windwheel Aster Farming Route Guide to find out efficient farming routes for this local specialty.

Additionally, the first time you choose the You worship the Anemo Archon? dialogue option with Chunshui in Liyue Harbor, she will give you 5x Windwheel Aster.


Is Windwheel Aster Sold by Vendors?

Windwheel Aster is sold by Flora, near the Eastern Gate in Mondstadt City. 5 of them, for 1,000 Mora each, on a 3-day refresh timer.

Item Vendor Cost Stock Refresh
Windwheel Aster Flora 1,000 Mora 5 3 days

Can Windwheel Aster be Obtained from Gardening?

Windwheel Aster Seed can be planted in a Luxuriant Glebe in your Teapot, after which time, you need to wait for 2 days and 22 hours before you can harvest your Windwheel Aster.


Which Characters Use Windwheel Aster for Their Ascension?

Currently, Bennett, Sucrose, and The Traveler use Windwheel Aster for their Ascensions.


What Items Can Be Crafted with Windwheel Aster?

The only crafting recipe that uses Windwheel Aster is the one for making Wind Catcher.

Materials Type Product
50000 Mora 10 Golden Raven Insignia 30 Windwheel Aster 50 Crystal Chunk 1 Geo Treasure Compass
50000 Mora 10 Hurricane Seed 30 Windwheel Aster 50 Crystal Chunk 1 Wind Catcher


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