Dendro Traveler Guide and Best Builds

Dendro Traveler Guide and Best Builds for Genshin Impact

The Traveler is the character you start with, being a 5 Star Sword character with no set Element. Instead, you choose the element you want to use. While the Traveler tends to be very simple in design, Dendro is one of the stronger elements to use. They are a great off-field damage dealer and a good unit to support other Dendro characters with when it comes to Energy generation. They are great when used with Bloom, Burgeon, Quicken and Hyperbloom teams.

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A Rating
Dendro Element
Sword Weapon
Aether: Zach Aguilar, Lumine: Sarah Miller-Crews EN Voice Actor
Aether: Horie Shun, Lumine: Yuuki Aoi JP Voice Actor

Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Free character and constellations.
  • +Easy source for Dendro reactions and good support to other Dendro characters.
  • +Good craftable weapon.
X Weaknesses
  • -Constellations tied to lengthy exploration and getting through story.
  • -Very Energy Recharge reliant.
  • -As with all other Traveler elements, requires you to level up talents again.

Dendro Traveler's Build

Dendro Traveler's primary function is to apply Dendro so that other on-field characters can trigger Dendro reactions and to act as a battery for other Dendro Characters. The low cooldown on their skill means you have to swap into the Traveler quite often, hence why building some personal damage is still preferred.

BiS Weapon Freedom-Sworn
Alternative Weapons
  1. Favonius Sword
  2. Sacrificial Sword R4+
  3. Sapwood Blade
  4. Fleuve Cendre Ferryman
Best Artifacts
  1. Deepwood Memories
Main Stats
  • Sands Stats: Energy Recharge
  • Goblet Stats: Dendro DMG or Elemental Mastery
  • Circlet Stats: CRIT Rate/DMG or Elemental Mastery
Substat Priority
  1. Energy Recharge (You need a lot of this keep your burst uptime high)
  2. CRIT Rate/DMG
  3. ATK % / Elemental Mastery
Talent Priority
  1. Elemental Burst
  2. Elemental Skill
  3. Normal Attack

The Dendro Traveler is a super flexible character to enable all the different Dendro reactions with. They are not the best at applying Dendro, however this is a unit you get for free, with the only downside being that the Traveler has multiple elements to choose between.

The weapon options for the Dendro Traveler is pretty broad, with two easy to get four star weapons that requires no wishing. Between the weapons, the most important thing is to get enough Energy Recharge to be able to regain 80 Energy for your Burst to maximise its uptime. While the amount of Energy Recharge needed depends on your team, you will need to get somewhere between 160% and 260%. Depending on whether you got another Dendro Character in your party this can differ but generally 160-200% with a second Dendro, 220-260% without. While Freedom-Sworn is BiS for the Dendro Traveler's personal DPS, it does make it a lot harder to attain higher amounts of Energy Recharge.

For artifact choice, Deepwood Memories is the best option if you can benefit from the Dendro Res Shred it provides. It also synergizes very well with the Dendro Traveler's kit, making them an ideal character to use this on for Bloom and Hyperbloom teams. Some teams might want a different setup like Aggravate teams as they benefit a lot from Noblesse Oblige.


Combos and How to Play Dendro Traveler

The Dendro Traveler is super easy to play in general. There are not really any hidden mechanics behind the character or special combos to pay attention to. All you need to make sure of, is that you are able to use your burst on cooldown. As mentioned above, you will need a lot of Energy Recharge to make sure of this. Outside of this, you cycle characters to use their skills and to continue to trigger Dendro reactions. Your Elemental Skill has an 8-second cooldown and generates 2.5 Elemental Particles when it hits an enemy, so make sure to swap back into the Traveler often enough to build up your energy.

The Dendro Traveler works fine in any comp that wants to trigger Dendro reactions of some kind. Whether it be Hyperbloom, Nilou Bloom, Aggravate or Burgeon. The Dendro Traveler's Elemental Burst works really well with any of these reactions, except Pyro initially applying to the Lotuslight Transfiguration. This is due to how the Elemental Burst works, as it reacts with Hydro, Electro and Pyro. The reaction that will happen only happens for one element and only happens once, so if you use the Burst in a Burgeon comp, make sure it wont get hit by Pyro first. If this happens, the Burst blows up and disappears, thus cutting your source for Dendro.


Dendro Traveler's Best Team Comps

Dendro Traveler's main team compositions are typically very low budget, as the character is free. You can also use the Dendro Traveler as a support in quite a few teams to funnel energy for another Dendro character like Nahida or as a cheap fill-in to apply Dendro for Hyperbloom/Aggravate.


Dendro Traveler's Hyperbloom Team

Dendro Applier Electro Driver Hydro Applier Flex slot
Dendro Traveler

Hyperbloom is a very easy comp to build and get going with. It works by creating the reaction Bloom by hitting a target that has Hydro on it with Dendro or vice versa. This creates Dendro Cores on the ground. These cores will blow up after a set amount of time. Applying Electro to these will use the core in a Hyperbloom reaction, sending out a projectile. The aim of this comp is to use the Dendro Traveler together with any of the Hydro characters above. For the Dendro Traveler, this involves using their Elemental Burst, then swap them out. For the Electro application, if you use Fischl, she will not be a Driver, as you only use her Elemental Skill to apply Electro. Here you can use the Flex slot to swap in Nahida or back into the Dendro Traveler. Below is a budget comp as well, for those who are either new or do not have a large portfolio of characters.


Dendro Traveler's Budget Hyperbloom Team

Dendro Applier Electro Applier Hydro Applier Extra Dendro
Dendro Traveler Lisa Barbara Collei

A budget version of a Hyperbloom team would be the Dendro Traveler, Barbara, Lisa and Collei. These characters work well enough to trigger Hyperbloom on a budget level. From there you can swap out characters as you collect new ones. Otherwise it works the exact same as the team above. It is a very burst centric comp, outside Barbara who applies Hydro with her Skill, so make sure to get enough Energy Recharge on all characters.


Dendro Traveler's Quicken/Aggravate Team

Dendro Applier Electro Driver Flex Slot Optional Dendro Applier
Dendro Traveler

Electro is the shining part of this comp, triggering Quicken and then Aggravate by applying Electro again. As in any other comp with the Dendro Traveler, you spend very little time on the Traveler just using them for their Elemental Burst. Between the Traveler and the Electro Driver you use, you can choose either 1 or 2 characters in the Flex slot. If you use 1, then you can fill in the empty slot with another Dendro Character.


Dendro Traveler / Nilou Bloom

Dendro Traveler Nilou Healer/Shielder Flex Hydro/Dendro
Dendro Traveler Nilou

This team is very specific. Outside of Nilou and the Dendro Traveler, the last slots are filled with either Hydro or Dendro Characters. This is because Nilou has special mechanics that only work when there is at least 1 Dendro character with her and the rest of the party only being either Hydro or Dendro. Head over to her page if you want to know more about how she works.

In this comp, you most likely want another Dendro character to help with the generation of Bountiful Dendro Cores. You also want to have a character who can heal, making a character like Yaoyao very good as she is a Dendro Healer.


Dendro Traveler's Ascensions, Talents and Constellations

Dendro Traveler's Ascensions Dendro Traveler's Talents Dendro Traveler's Constellations

Dendro Traveler's Ascension Passives and Materials

Unlock Ascension Passive Explanation
1st Ascension Verdant Overgrowth Lea Lotus Lamp, which is summoned through your burst, will gain one stack of Overflowing Lotuslight. Each stack increases your Elemental Mastery by 6 for your active character within its area and stacks up to 10 times for a total of 60 Elemental Mastery.
4th Ascension Verdant Luxury Every point of Elemental Mastery you have on the Traveler increases your DMG with Razorgrass Blade by 0.15% and Surgent Manifestation by 0.1%

The Dendro Traveler requires a range of materials to ascend to the 6th ascension. Starting from the second ascension he/she gains additional ATK as bonus stat giving a total of 24% increased ATK at the final ascension. The total cost to upgrade all ascensions is:

Source Quantity
Mora 420,000 Mora
Ascension Material
Local Specialty 168x Windwheel Aster
Enhancement Material
  • 18x Damaged Mask
  • 30x Stained Mask
  • 36x Ominous Mask

Dendro Traveler's Talents

Listed below is each talent and a brief explanation of how they work.

Type Talent Name Brief Explanation
Normal Normal Attack: Foreign Fieldcleaver Same attack as any other Element with the Traveler, Normal Attack is a 5-hit combo while your Charged Attack is deals damage over 2 hits in rapid succession.
Elemental Skill Razorgrass Blade You slash in a wide cone infront of you, dealing Dendro DMG
Elemental Burst Surgent Manifestation

You create a Lea Lotus Lamp in front of you, which deals continuous Dendro DMG in an AoE around it. If you hit the Lea Lotus Lamp with Hydro Electro or Pyro, the lamp triggers a Lotuslight Transfiguration. Only one Transfiguration can happen during its duration. The effects are as follows.

  • Hydro: The lamp grows bigger, increasing its Area of effect and the AoE of its attacks
  • Electro: The Lamp's ATK SPD increases, making it trigger every 0.9s instead of every 1.5s
  • Pyro: The Lamp explodes after a short delay, dealing AoE Dendro DMG before disappearing.

Due to how the Traveler works, the cost of upgrading your talents is different from all other characters. All 3 Talent materials are in use in different amounts, as each upgrade will require a different kind. To level a single talent to 10 costs:

Source Quantity
Mora 1,625,500 Mora
Special Material 1x Crown of Insight
Boss Material 6x Mudra of the Malefic General
  • Domain Material
  • 3x Teachings of Admonition
  • 6x Guide to Admonition
  • 6x Philosophies of Admonition
  • 11x Guide to Ingenuity
  • 12x Philosophies of Ingenuity
  • 4x Guide to Praxis
  • 12x Philosophies of Praxis
Enhancement Material
  • 6x Fungal Spores
  • 22x Luminescent Pollen
  • 31x Crystalline Cyst Dust

Dendro Traveler's Constellations

Since you can get all of these Constellations by grinding, getting all 6 is preferable. You gain them throughout the Sumeru Archon quest, one at the end of Act II, IV and V and you gain one when you attain level 3, 5 and 7 with the Statue of the Seven in Sumeru.

Constellation Name Explanation
1 Symbiotic Creeper After Razorgrass Blade hits an opponent, you gain 3.5 Energy on the Traveler.
2 Green Resilience Lea Lotus Lamp last an additional 3 seconds.
3 Whirling Weeds
  • Increases the Level of Razorgrass Blade by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
4 Treacle Grass After Lea Lotus Lamp triggers a Lotuslight Transfiguration it will gain 5 stacks of Overflowing Lotuslight. You must have Verdant Overgrowth unlocked first for this to take effect.
5 Viridian Transience
  • Increases the Level of Surgent Manifestation by 3.
  • Maximum upgrade level is 15.
6 Withering Aggregation When a character is under the effect of Overflowing Lotuslight they gain a 12% Dendro DMG Bonus. If the Lamp has triggered Lotuslight Transfiguration the character will also gain a 12% DMG Bonus for the corresponding trigger Element.


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