How to Campaign Skip in Last Epoch

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In this guide, we will explain to you how to skip the campaign on an alt character after you completed it for the first time. This saves time, and grants you all the quest rewards you would have gotten if you had played through main story once again. While not always used by everyone, it is a great alternative option to have.


Skipping the Campaign

The Last Epoch community has requested a way to skip the campaign for what has felt like years. Many players have leveled through the campaign on alts dozens of time, aiming to unlock their Idol slots and claim the passive point rewards for completing the main campaign, all 15 of them. This may have been fine once or twice, but by the 10th time, most players will find it dull. Eleventh Hour Games decided to take this problem on and implemented a creative dungeon system to provide players with exactly what they were asking for.

The current version of Last Epoch has three main dungeons for the endgame, each with its own purpose and rewards after your character has completed the game. However, if you are on an alt character and you have dungeon keys saved in your stash space, these keys will serve a different purpose: allowing you to skip the campaign.


The Dungeon Keys

Here are the three dungeon keys you will need to find throughout the world to skip the main campaign.

  • Lightless Arbor Key Icon Lightless Arbor Key
  • Soulfire Bastion Key Icon Soulfire Bastion Key
  • Temporal Sanctum Key Icon Temporal Sanctum Key

Dungeon Route

The first dungeon, Lightless Arbor, is located on the Ruined Era timeline just past The Council Chambers. When you enter this dungeon, it will take you through the zones Titan's Hollow and Titan's Rest to complete the dungeon. Once you have collected the Vault reward at the end, you will be given access to The Corrupted Lake. This area will transition us into the Imperial Era timeline.

You will come out at The Risen Lake in the new timeline. From there you can travel northeast to The Felled Wood zone and continue along until you reach the entrance to the next dungeon, Soulfire Bastion. Once you complete this dungeon, pass through Soulfire Keep and enter The Soulfire Furnance where you will be once again be teleported through time to the Divine Era. You will end up in the Kolheim Pass, right beside the Champion's Gate.

This is our final step to skipping the campaign, and securing all of your passive points and Idol slots. You will now have access to a level 55 dungeon (the minimum level for this dungeon, there are higher difficulties) called the Temporal Sanctum. If you can complete this dungeon, you will be given access to an area called the Radiant Dunes. This will send you to the start of the final chapter of the main story campaign.

If you'd rather watch a video, we've provided supplemental video content to better understand how this system works.



  • 30 Nov. 2023: Guide added.
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