How to Respec Characters in Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about Last Epoch's respecialization systems for passives and skills. You can easily test new builds and make changes to your existing ones for a given Mastery as needed.



Choices are prevalent within Last Epoch, whether it be your class, skills, or passives. All of these play a critical role in your gameplay style and current build. Being able to change these elements to improve the quality of your build, or perhaps test core mechanics is paramount within the ARPG genre. That is why respeccing is possible within Last Epoch. In this guide we will cover all of the important details that you need to know in order to respec successfully and efficiently.



Passive points can be allocated to any of the passive trees available to each respective class. These will be obtained through leveling up and by completing quests. While respeccing does cost Gold, it's a very small amount and can be ignored by most any player as long as they haven't just started the game.

Passive Respecing

How to Respec Passive Points

If you wish to respec your passive points, you need to locate Chronomancer Lerinne.

Chronomancer Lerinne can be found by looking for this icon on your minimap. Simply look to see if there is an icon resembling a human head with a visible brain.

Once located, speak with her and select the option to Respecialize your mastery points. After this is done, you will be able to reallocate your points one at a time to your desired passive trees. You can do this instantly and do not need to relevel anything to have access to your points.

Respec Map Location

Again, be mindful of your Gold. It will become more costly to respec nodes that you have attributed more points to. Also, you must keep 20 points in your Base Class tree, and you cannot respec any points that are necessary for advancing farther into your passive trees that would require a specific number of points to be obtained.



Skill Respecing

All of your Class Skills will have individual levels that are separate of your Character Level. You gain experience with skills simply by having them active within combat. It is advantageous to have some directionality in your head as you level your character so that you can be more efficient, but this is not required as you are able to respecialize.

Skills will have a maximum level of 20 and you are able to go above that cap if you roll bonus levels to a specific skill on your gear. If you have gear equipped with bonus levels, these points can be freely redistributed.

When it comes respecing a skill the process becomes a bit more complex.


How to Respec Skills

All skills will level up individually. Any time you choose to respec a skill it will need to be releveled. When choosing to respec you will see that your skills all have a minimum specialized level. You will receive all skill points up to that minimum level and then the rest will have to be releveled. For example, in the image below you have a level 9 Puncture Icon Puncture. Its current minimum specialized level is 4. If you respec this, you will only receive the amount of skill points as if the ability is level 4, and you will have to relevel it to 9 for it to be back to its previous state.

Skill Respec Example


Skill Respec Instructions

Skill respecing does not require a specific location or NPC. This can be done anywhere in the game. Open up your Skills menu (default keybind: "S"), select a skill, and click "RESPEC" in the upper right corner of the Skill's tree. You will then choose to remove all the points and freely respec them as you wish.


Removing Points vs. Despecializing Skills

If you wish to reallocate the points of your chosen skill, then all you will need to do is use the "RESPEC" button and remove the points. But, this does not remove the skill so that you another can be selected in its place.

To specialize into a completely new skill, you have to select "Despecialize Skill" instead of "Remove Skill Points". This will give you the opportunity to choose a new Skill that will start at your minimum skill level.



Your class choice and the mastery that you select are permanent. The only way to try another mastery is to create a new character. If you wish to learn more about classes and their available masteries, please reference the pages below.

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