Damage Types and Conversions in Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about Damage in Last Epoch. There are many ways to increase your damage output through various modifiers and mechanics. This guide will help you to understand how to get the most damage out of your build so that you can find success!



Welcome to the Last Epoch Damage Guide, your comprehensive journey into the intricate mechanics of damage calculation in Last Epoch. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer seeking to optimize your character's output or a newcomer eager to understand the foundations of combat, this guide is your roadmap to mastering the art of dealing damage.

We will dissect the nuances of general damage, exploring the components of base damage, increased damage, and additional damage. Delve into the impact of added damage on various skills, understanding how skill trees and passives can shape your character's offensive capabilities.

Whether you're a theory-crafter or a casual player seeking a deeper understanding of the game, this guide aims to empower you with the knowledge needed to navigate the dynamic world of Last Epoch with confidence. Let's embark on this journey together and elevate your mastery of damage in Last Epoch!


General Damage Information

Understanding the intricacies of damage calculation is paramount in Last Epoch. Let's break down the various components that contribute to your character's damage output.


Base Damage

Base damage represents the raw power of your attacks or skills before any modifiers are applied. It serves as the foundation upon which all damage calculations are built.


Increased Damage

Increased damage modifiers amplify your base damage. These modifiers can be derived from a variety of sources, including passive skills, equipment bonuses, and temporary buffs. Each source of increased damage contributes additively to the total.


Additional Damage

Additional damage encompasses extra elemental or other types of damage added to your base damage. This can be introduced through skills, passive effects, or equipment bonuses. Understanding the composition of additional damage is crucial for optimizing your character's damage profile.



The impact of added damage on skills is a central aspect of Last Epoch's gameplay. Skills often have synergies with various damage types, and these can be enhanced or modified through skill trees and passive effects.

When investing points in skill trees or selecting passive bonuses, consider the influence these choices have on both base and added damage. Some skills may benefit more from increased damage, while others might be more effective when additional damage types are prioritized.


Types of Damage

There are many sources of damage in Last Epoch. Understanding the different types will help to understand the intricacies behind the unique builds that are available within the game.


Damage Over Time (DoT)

Damage over Time effects are persistent, wearing down your enemies over seconds or minutes. Examples of DoT effects include:

  • Bleed: Inflicts ongoing bleeding damage, causing a gradual loss of health.
  • Ignite: Engulfs the target in flames, dealing Fire Damage over time.

Critical Strikes

Critical Strikes introduce an element of unpredictability and burst damage to combat. Critical hits deal increased damage, making them a crucial factor in maximizing overall damage output. Investing in critical strike chance and critical strike damage can significantly enhance your character's effectiveness.



Shred effects reduce the target's resistances, effectively making them more vulnerable to specific types of damage. Incorporating Shred mechanics into your strategy can be particularly impactful when facing foes with high resistances.



Penetration effects allow you to bypass a portion of the target's resistances. This is especially useful against enemies with substantial armor or elemental resistance, enabling you to deal more effective damage.


Increased Damage Taken Effects

Abilities or debuffs that increase the target's damage taken can significantly amplify your offensive capabilities. Strategically applying these effects can lead to more efficient takedowns of formidable adversaries.


Minion Damage

For characters utilizing minions, understanding how minion damage is calculated and boosted is essential. Minions can contribute significantly to overall damage output, and optimizing their effectiveness requires a comprehensive understanding of their scaling mechanics.


Skill Damage

Specific Skills may have unique damage modifiers or scaling mechanics. Consider how each skill interacts with your character's overall damage profile, as well as how it synergizes with other abilities in your arsenal.


Conversions and Scaling

Conversions and scaling are critical considerations when crafting a powerful character in Last Epoch. Let's explore how these factors can impact your damage output and overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

Conversions: Conversions involve changing one type of damage into another. Understanding mixed damage types and optimizing your build to capitalize on conversions can lead to versatile and potent characters.

Scaling: Scaling damage involves maximizing your character's attributes and equipment to enhance damage output. Consider how each component of your build contributes to scaling your damage effectively.


Other Damage Influences

Understanding the nitty-gritty of damage calculations is fundamental for mastering Last Epoch's gameplay. Damage is calculated based enemy damage mitigation, armor calculations, and other factors that influence the damage you deal and receive.

Enemy Damage Mitigation: Enemies in Last Epoch may have mitigation mechanisms that reduce incoming damage. Understanding these mechanics is crucial for optimizing your approach to different enemy types.

Armor Calculations: Armor plays a significant role in damage mitigation. Learn how Armor reduces incoming Physical Damage and strategize accordingly when facing heavily armored foes.



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