Unlocking and Using Idols in Last Epoch

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Last Epoch has a variety of different, original equipment, such as Idols: statues that give you bonuses when equipped in the Idol inventory. To equip them, however, you need to unlock Idol slots by doing campaign quests. Each Idol covers a certain amount of Idol slots. In this guide, we will explain how to unlock these slots, what Idols are in Last Epoch, how to use them, where to get Idols, and which ones are available.



Last Epoch features many rich and deep systems that allow you to customize your character according to your playstyle and needs. One such feature are Idols, as they greatly help you to improve your character’s power.

Idols are special items that grant multiple bonuses when you equip them inside the Idol Inventory slot of your character. In this guide, we will cover what Idols are, how to unlock them, and which bonuses they can provide.


What Are Idols

Idols are small statuettes that come in different shapes and sizes, with different prefixes and suffixes, and can be equipped in a dedicated grid-like Idol Inventory slot of your character. The larger the Idol, the more stats it will grant.

Idols can affect various aspects of your character, such as damage, defense, health, ward, resistances, and more. They are divided into multiple categories depending on their size, as well as class-specific ones.

Class-specific Idols can only be equipped by a certain class, but will provide unique bonuses for each class.

The following list will show you the different Idol sizes and bonuses:

  • Small Idol 1x1: Damage over Time, Dodge, HP, Healing, Stun, Non-Elemental Resistance and Damage.
  • Humble Idol 2x1: Bleed Chance, Poison Chance, Health on Kill, Stun Duration, Vitality, Non-Elemental Resistance and Damage.
  • Stout Idol 1x2: Ward, Ignite Chance, Shock Chance, Critical Strike Chance, Freeze Rate, Health, Elemental Resistance, Health, Elemental Damage.
  • Adorned Idol 2x2: Mostly Class-specifics.
  • Grand Idol 3x1: Mostly Class-specifics, Non-Elemental Resistance and Damage.
  • Large Idol 1x3: Mostly Class-specifics, Damage, Defenses.
  • Ornate Idol 4x1: Class-specifics, offensive upgrades, Buffs and Ailments, Non-Elemental Resistance and Damage.
  • Huge Idol 1x4: Class-specifics, Damage, Status Ailments, and Defenses.

How to Unlock Idol Slots and Idols

Most Idol slots will be unlocked as you progress through the game. You will be able to get all 20 Idol slots by completing the main quests and some side quests. If you finish the campaign, but miss some slots at the end, you can simply focus on completing a few additional side quests to unlock the rest. Below, you will find a quick overview of which quests unlock Idol slots.

Last Epoch Idol Slots

The following main quests are needed to unlock Idol slots:

  • Chapter 2: The Ruined Future – The Void Assault – Last Refuge Outskirts
  • Chapter 4: The Outcasts and the Empire – The Admiral’s Dreadnought – The Risen Lake
  • Chapter 7: The Might of Gods – The Lance of Heorot – Farwood

The following side quests will reward more Idol slots:

  • Chapter 3: Seeking the Last Shard – An Ancient Hunt – The Council Chambers
  • Chapter 4 The Outcasts and the Empire – The Corrupted Lake – The Corrupted Lake
  • Chapter 5 Aid from an Oracle – The Sapphire Tablet – The Oracle’s Abode
  • Chapter 7 The Might of Gods – Liberating the Namads – The Wengari Fortress
  • Chapter 7 The Might of Gods – A Heoborean Cure – Heoborea
  • Chapter 8 Lagon’s Blessing – Liath’s Tower – Liath’s Road
  • Chapter 9 Sands of Majasa – Arjani, The Ruby Commander – Maj’Elka Upper District
  • Chapter 9 Sands of Majasa – Desert Treasure – The Radiant Dunes
  • Chapter 9 Sands of Majasa – Harton’s Idol – Soreth’Ka
  • Chapter 9 Sands of Majasa – Too Greedily, Too Deep – The Oasis

Idols, on the other hand, can be obtained through various in-game activities, such as killing enemies, opening chests, and interacting with Idol shrines. You can also buy some Idols from vendors, but they cannot be crafted.


How to Use Idols

To use Idols, you have to equip them in the fitting Idol Inventory slot, in order to activate their effects. Idols in your normal inventory will not grant any bonuses. In order to equip them in an Idol slot, simply drag and drop the Idol inside a slot, or right-click the Idol to automatically equip it in an available slot.

The Idol Inventory has a total of 20 slots. You can equip as many Idols as you wish, until all 20 slots are filled. Multiple Idols of different sizes and categories can be equipped at the same time.

Idols can also be unequipped. Simply drag and drop the Idol back into your normal inventory, or right-click on the Idol you want to unequip to move it back to the normal inventory. Idols can be equipped and unequipped at any time. There is no need to be in a town to do it.


Available Idols

Idols are not only diverse in their effects, but also in their appearance and rarity. There are two main categories of idols: Basic and Unique. Basic idols are the most common and can be found as loot from enemies, chests, or vendors. Unique Idols are more rare and powerful, and often have a specific theme or synergy with certain skills or builds.

Below, you will find information on all Idols that are currently available in-game.


Basic Idols

Basic Idols are the most common Idols you will find. They drop with one prefix and one suffix.

Name Size Required to Equip Class Drops at Level
Small Eterran Idol 1x1 Level 1 11+
Small Lagonian Idol 1x1 Level 1 11+
Humble Eterran Idol 2x1 Level 1 11+
Stout Lagonian Idol 1x2 Level 1 11+
Grand Bone Idol 3x1 Level 1 Acolyte 25+
Grand Glass Idol 3x1 Level 1 Mage 25+
Grand Heorot Idol 3x1 Level 1 Primalist 25+
Grand Majasan Idol 3x1 Level 1 Rogue 25+
Grand Solar Idol 3x1 Level 1 Sentinel 25+
Large Arcane Idol 1x3 Level 1 Mage 25+
Large Immortal Idol 1x3 Level 1 Acolyte 25+
Large Nomad Idol 1x3 Level 1 Primalist 25+
Large Rahyeh Idol 1x3 Level 1 Sentinel 25+
Large Shadow Idol 1x3 Level 1 Rogue 25+
Ornate Bone Idol 4x1 Level 1 Acolyte 30+
Ornate Glass Idol 4x1 Level 1 Mage 30+
Ornate Heorot Idol 4x1 Level 1 Primalist 30+
Ornate Majasan Idol 4x1 Level 1 Rogue 30+
Ornate Solar Idol 4x1 Level 1 Sentinel 30+
Huge Arcane Idol 1x4 Level 1 Mage 30+
Huge Immortal Idol 1x4 Level 1 Acolyte 30+
Huge Nomad Idol 1x4 Level 1 Primalist 30+
Huge Rahyeh Idol 1x4 Level 1 Sentinel 30+
Huge Shadow Idol 1x4 Level 1 Rogue 30+
Adorned Arcane Idol 2x2 Level 1 Mage 20+
Adorned Heorot Idol 2x2 Level 1 Primalist 20+
Adorned Immortal Idol 2x2 Level 1 Acolyte 20+
Adorned Majasan Idol 2x2 Level 1 Rogue 20+
Adorned Rahyeh Idol 2x2 Level 1 Sentinel 20+
Adorned Silver Idol 2x2 Level 1 20+
Adorned Volcano Idol 2x2 Level 1 20+

Unique Idols

Unique Idols are very rare and only drop from specific timelines within the Monolith of Fate. They can have more than two affixes, as well as a specific modifier.

  • Singularity (Small 1x1)
    • Requires Level 42
    • Drops at Level: 11+
    • Obtained from: "Stargazer's Collection" One-Shot Cache - Titan's Canyon (Imperial Era, Level 36)
    • Modifiers: (8% to 20%) More Hit Damage if you have only one Singularity equipped. You cannot deal Critical Strikes.

  • Throne of Ambition (Adorned 2x2)
    • Requires Level 1
    • Drops at Level: 20+
    • Obtained from: God Hunter Argentus (The Stolen Lance Timeline)
    • Modifiers: You gain a stack of Ambition when you hit a boss or rare enemy (1 second cooldown). If you have multiple Thrones of Ambition equipped, you still only gain 1 stack.
      If you have multiple Thrones of Ambition equipped you still only gain 1 stack.
      2% more Fire Damage per stack of Ambition.
      2% more Cold Damage per stack of Ambition.
      2% more Armour per stack of Ambition.
      The effects of Ambition are multiplicative with other modifiers, but individual stacks are not multiplicative with each other.
      20 Maximum Stacks of Ambition.
      If you have multiple Thrones of Ambition equipped your maximum stacks is still 20.
      You lose all stacks of Ambition if you go 4 seconds without gaining a stack.

  • Trinity of Flames (Adorned 2x2)
    • Requires Level: 1
    • Minimum Drop Level: 20
    • Obtained from: Bhuldar, Herkir, Logi (Spirits of Fire Timeline, empowered only)
    • Modifiers: Every 3rd fire spell you cast is guaranteed to crit, but has 36% less critical strike multiplier (multiplicative with other modifiers)
      Not limited to direct casts but does not include sub skills
      (12% to 16%) increased Spell Fire Damage
      +(12% to 16%) Chance to Ignite on Hit
      Related ailments: Ignite


Idols are a very unique and interesting feature of Last Epoch, as they allow you to customize and optimize your character in various ways. By equipping Idols inside the dedicated Idol slots inventory, you can gain different bonuses and effects that boost your skills, passives, and stats.

Idols come in different sizes and rarities, and some of them are exclusive to certain classes. You can find Idols as loot from enemies, chests, vendors, or as rewards from quests or timelines. Idols cannot be modified, but they always have a prefix and a suffix that determines their effects.



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