Forge Guard Overview for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

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Welcome to our Last Epoch Forge Guard build guide for the Sentinel class. Here you will learn everything about the Forge Guard playstyle, passives, skills and strengths or weaknesses to conquer the world of Eterra.


Forge Guard Overview

Skill, strength, steel and the knowledge his training will prevail. His strikes are surer than hope, and his armor is stronger than despair. A bulwark of steel whose mastery of weapons, armor, and molten metal dominated the battlefield.

Sentinel Class Icon Last Epoch

The Forge Guard is one of three Mastery classes that can be chosen from the base class of Sentinel. If you're looking to play a minion-type build, while retaining the class fantasy of either a bruiser or knight, this is the class for you! The Forge Guard specializes in dealing Fire Damage, but is also capable of summoning floating shields, forged weapons, and even a giant set of animated armor to fight alongside the player.

Gain access to the best Forge Guard builds below!


Forge Guard Skills

Upon unlocking the Forge Guard Mastery, you'll gain access to your Mastery-specific skill, Forge Strike Icon Forge Strike. While not specific to the Forge Guard, the Mastery Tree itself comes with four skills that are unlocked by placing a certain amount of points into the Tree itself. All three Sentinel Masteries can use these as long as they hit the requirements to do so, however both Ring Of Shields Icon Ring Of Shields and Smelter's Wrath Icon Smelter's Wrath are out of reach due to where they are located in the Passive Tree for both Paladin and Void Knight.


Forge Strike

Description A melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you. 25% chance on hit to summon a Forged Weapon which lasts for 20 seconds and is affected by the stats and attack rate of your weapon. You can control up to six Forged Weapons at once.
Scaling Tags Physical, Melee, Minion, Area, Strength, Attunement
Possible Damage Types Physical, Fire
Base Cooldown 4 seconds
Base Mana Cost 25 Mana

Shield Throw

Description Throws a shield at a target enemy. The shield ricochets to up to two additional targets before returning to you. The cooldown starts when the shield returns to you.
Scaling Tags Physical, Throwing Attack, Strength, Dexterity
Possible Damage Types Physical, Fire, Void
Base Cooldown 2 seconds
Base Mana Cost 20 Mana

Manifest Armor

Description Manifests an animated set of heavy armor, which attacks slowly. Stats granted by your body armor, helmet, gloves and boots also apply to your Manifest Armor.
Scaling Tags Minion, Strength, Attunement
Physical, Melee
Possible Damage Types Physical, Fire
Base Cooldown 10 seconds
Base Mana Cost 60 Mana

Ring of Shields

Description Manifests a ring of shields around you. Each shield has 75 base health and lasts up to 10 seconds. Shields draw enemy aggression and block projectiles. Stats on your equipped shield also apply to the shields created by Ring of Shields.
Scaling Tags Minion, Instant Cast, Strength, Attunement
Possible Damage Types Physical, Fire
Base Cooldown 15 seconds
Base Mana Cost 30 Mana

Smelter's Wrath

Description Channel to charge a powerful frontal cone attack, dealing fire and physical damage to all enemies hit. Charing for longer increases its range and power. Two second maximum charge time.
Scaling Tags Physical, Fire, Melee, Area, Channeled, Strength
Possible Damage Types Physical, Fire
Base Cooldown 1 second
Base Mana Cost 35 Mana
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