Shaman Overview for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0)

Last updated on Mar 08, 2024 at 15:30 by EMP1241

Welcome to our Last Epoch Shaman build guide for the Primalist class. Here you will learn everything about the Shaman playstyle, passives, skills and strengths or weaknesses to conquer the world of Eterra.


Introduction to Shaman

"The world remembers winds that rage and tear down forests, avalanches that shatter mountainsides, lightning that cracks the sky open and demands awe. A living storm that uses nature's fury to destroy his enemies with the aid of sacred totems."

Primalist Class Icon Last Epoch

The Shaman is one of three Mastery classes that can be chosen from the base class of Primalist. This warrior of nature calls upon the powers of Earth to decimate his enemies with Ice, Lightning, Poison, or Physical domination. His Totems can be used as portable healing for himself and allies, or a conjurable death trap for his enemies. He is a hybrid class that can focus on melee attacks ripping through them with elemental empowerments, or instead opt to cast the wrath of nature from afar. Shaman is versitile enough to do both if you please. One thing is for sure, the Shaman is not to be triffled with.

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Shaman Skills

Upon unlocking the Shaman Mastery, you'll gain access to your Mastery-specific skill, Summon Storm Totem Icon Summon Storm Totem. While Tornado Icon Tornado and Earthquake Icon Earthquake are not specific to the Shaman, the Mastery Tree itself comes with three skills total that are unlocked by placing a certain amount of points into the Tree itself. All three Primalist Masteries can use two of the three skills as long as they hit the requirements to do so. Only the Avalanche Icon Avalanche skill is reserved for the Shaman.


Summon Storm Totem

Description Summons a totem that casts lightning storms around nearby enemies. Storm totems last 8 seconds, and you cannot control more than 1 at once.
Scaling Tags Minion, Totem, Attunement
Minion Scaling Tags Lightning, Spell, Area
Possible Damage Types Lightning, Cold
Base Cooldown 3 seconds
Base Mana Cost 20 Mana


Description Conjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them.
Scaling Tags Physical, Spell, Damage Over Time, Area, Attunement
Possible Damage Types Physical, Lightning, Fire
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 25 Mana


Description Slam the ground with your weapon damaging enemies in a large area and creating 2 to 4 aftershocks nearby.
Scaling Tags Physical, Melee, Area, Strength, Attunement
Possible Damage Types Fire, Lightning, Physical
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 50 Mana


Description Channel to summon the might of winter and pummel your foes in ice and snow. You have no mana regen while channelling. Initial mana cost cannot be reduced below 1.
Scaling Tags Physical, Cold, Spell, Area, Channeled, Attunement
Possible Damage Types Physical, Cold, Lightning
Base Cooldown 0 seconds
Base Mana Cost 1 Mana: 20 Mana per Second (channeled)
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