Resistances and Mitigation in Last Epoch

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On this page you will find everything you need to know about Defenses in Last Epoch. There are many ways to prevent incoming damage. This guide will help you to determine how to decrease the damage you receive so that you can strengthen your build and take on more challenging content.


Last Epoch Defenses Guide

Defenses are the cornerstone of survival in Last Epoch, providing the means to endure the onslaught of enemies and emerge victorious. This guide is your comprehensive resource for understanding the intricacies of defenses, from the basics of health and ward to the nuances of personal defenses, passives, and modifiers.


Health and Ward

Understanding the dynamics of health and ward is fundamental to fortifying your character's defenses in Last Epoch. These two components form the bedrock of your survival, each contributing unique layers of protection against the relentless onslaught of foes.

  • Health
    • Health is your primary life pool, representing your character's ability to withstand damage. Managing your health pool is crucial for survival in Last Epoch, and understanding how various factors impact health is key to effective gameplay.
  • Ward
    • Ward is a protective energy shield that absorbs damage before it affects your health. Building and maintaining ward is a strategic aspect of defenses, offering an additional layer of protection in the heat of battle.
  • Ward Generation
    • Ward can be generated through specific skills, passives, or equipment. Ward will decay over time, but it is possible to slow its decay by using modifiers with Ward Retention found through passives, gear, and skills.

Personal Defenses



Armor mitigates physical damage, reducing the amount of damage taken. Learn how armor calculations work and strategize to balance armor with other defenses for optimal survivability.



Resistances are essential for reducing elemental damage. Explore the importance of resistances and refer to the chart below for an overview of resistance types:

Resistance Type Description
Fire Resistance Reduces damage from fire-based attacks.
Cold Resistance Reduces damage from cold-based attacks.
Lightning Resistance Reduces damage from lightning-based attacks.
Chaos Resistance Reduces damage from chaotic sources.
Physical Resistance Reduces damage from physical attacks.
Void Resistance Reduces damage from void-based attacks.
Necrotic Resistance Reduces damage from necrotic sources.
  • Dodge
    • Dodge provides a chance to completely avoid incoming attacks. Understanding the mechanics of dodge and investing in relevant passives can significantly enhance your character's survivability.
  • Block
    • Block allows you to deflect incoming attacks, reducing the damage taken. Learn how block mechanics operate and incorporate block chance and effectiveness into your defensive strategy.
  • Endurance
    • Endurance mitigates a portion of incoming hits, providing damage reduction based on the endurance percentage. Strategize on building and maintaining endurance to bolster your character's resilience.
  • Critical Strike Avoidance
    • Avoiding critical strikes is crucial for preventing sudden spikes in damage. Explore critical strike avoidance mechanics and consider its significance in your defensive setup.
  • Glancing Blows
    • Glancing blows reduce incoming damage by a fixed percentage. Understand the mechanics of glancing blows and incorporate them into your overall defense strategy.
  • Stun Avoidance
    • Avoiding stuns is essential for maintaining control in combat, but unfortunately this does not scale well. It is more efficient to invest into other defenses so that you can improve your overall survivability.


Passives play a crucial role in shaping your character's defenses. Each class offers unique passive trees that can significantly i mpact your damage reduction capabilities. Consider investing in passives that align with your preferred playstyle and enhance your overall survivability.

Examples of defensive passives include increased health, armor bonuses, resistance boosts, and specialized nodes that improve specific defensive aspects. Explore the possibilities within your class's passive tree to tailor your character to your desired defensive strengths.



Modifiers, in the form of debuffs, can impact your character's damage taken. Understanding these debuffs and their effects is crucial for adapting your strategy in combat.



Debuffs introduce additional challenges by increasing the damage your character receives. Here are some notable debuffs:

  • Bleed
    • Causes ongoing bleeding damage, gradually reducing your health over time.
  • Ignite
    • Engulfs you in flames, inflicting burning damage over a duration.
  • Chill
    • Reduces your movement and attack speed, making you more vulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Freeze
    • Temporarily immobilizes you, leaving you vulnerable to incoming attacks.
  • Shock
    • Electrifies your character, slowing your actions and reactions in combat.
  • Frailty
    • Weakens your defenses, making you more susceptible to damage from all sources.
  • Poison
    • Inflicts poison, causing ongoing damage over time and reducing your overall health.
  • Curse
    • Amplifies the damage taken from various sources.


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