Shadowhunter PvP Build Guide

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Welcome to our Shadowhunter PvP guide for Lost Ark. This guide will cover the core aspects of how Shadowhunter plays, ranging from skills, stats and general build decisions to tips and pointers on how you as a player should approach the class. Whether 1v1, 3v3, solo or tournaments, this guide should give you a fundamental understanding of Shadowhunter's core concepts.



Wielding the curse of the demonic powers present in all Delains, the Shadowhunter is an agile assassin with explosive power, capable of transforming into a demon to annihilate her enemies.

Weaving human and demonic skills as well as contributing in both melee and ranged, Shadowhunter is a multi-purpose glassy damage-dealer in PvP, capable of catching, bursting, and peeling regardless of distance. What she lacks in immunities, she makes up for with high utility and low cooldowns on key abilities, fitting a hybrid role in the arena with strong emphasis on ranged peeling and rapid melee conversions.


Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Consistent damage
  • +High mobility
  • +Varied toolkit
X Weaknesses
  • -Honest hitboxes
  • -Weak space dash
  • -Little to no Push Immunity


Shadowhunter may have tools for both melee and ranged combat, but in a team setting, she will often play the role of a ranged class. By using Grind Chain Icon Grind Chain, Demon Vision Icon Demon Vision, and Piercing Thorn Icon Piercing Thorn, she can offer a great deal of ranged peel for her team with all types of CC: Paralysis, Hard CC and Push, respectively. All the while still hitting hard with every skill or even applying debuffs.

That is not to say she cannot perform in melee though, as Shadowhunter is a better initiator than most. By using Demonic Slash Icon Demonic Slash and Sharpened Cut Icon Sharpened Cut, she has the ability to quickly close in and burst on unsuspecting targets regardless of FoV advantage due to the skills' raw speed in activation.

By using Thrust Impact Icon Thrust Impact as a combo finisher, Shadowhunter can not only burst in a split second, but also immediately retreat and reposition right after. Continuously moving in and out of ranged and melee combat, she is a constant menace on the field who can never really be ignored.

Be wary though, as she has zero Push Immunity in her standard builds. Although Spinning Dive Icon Spinning Dive does have a Push Immune pod via Tenacity Icon Tenacity, it is usually not taken outside of Team Elimination, as it would mean giving up on more important aspects of Shadohunter's kit.

Not like it matters much, as the ability to contribute from range as well as incredible mobility is more than enough to survive in tough situations, but be mindful of teammate positions, especially when out of dashes.

With clear strengths and weaknesses, Shadowhunter can be a devastatingly damage carry with great peel potential as a disruptor — so long as she is being played with good positional awareness, cooldown management and a critical eye for when to engage and retreat.



For a high-level overview of Shadowhunter:

  • Hybrid class with melee and ranged capability, being a strong damage carry with good disruption potential due to ranged peel.
  • Lack of push immunity forces into playing primarily as a backliner or harassing out of position targets with fast initiations.
  • Her identity, Demonize Icon Demonize, is high-risk and high-reward. It forces Shadowhunter into pure melee but gives continuous Paralysis Immunity as well as a new set of skills. Activation is All Immunity and heals.
  • Gate of Eruption Icon Gate of Eruption is her PvP Awakening, inflicting AoE Hard CC, doing good damage and filling the Identity gauge.