Overview of Islands in Lost Ark

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On this page, you will find an overview of Islands in Lost Ark. We go over their different types, what they have to offer, and we direct you to our different Island-specific guides.


Island Overview

Islands in Lost Ark serve multiple purposes. Some are intended to be used as a way of boosting your characters gear progression, while others are meant to be a part of long term goals aimed at furthering your Roster's horizontal progression through permanent stat increases or collectible farming. Even yet, there are some islands that will become a part of your day to day gameplay, as the rewards for these specific islands are tied to Una tasks.

Regardless of the reason you do them, every island will be important if you intend to play Lost Ark seriously. Depending on your gear score, certain islands may actually be off limits to your character. By hovering over an island on your map, it will show you a recommended item level the game suggests doing the specific island at. These item levels are entirely tied to "tiers," and follow this precedent:

  • Tier 1: Item Level 250
  • Tier 1: Item Level 460
  • Tier 2: Item Level 960
  • Tier 3: Item Level 1100
Furthermore, each island can be placed into three categories based upon its accessibility and schedule of admission. Below is a quick explanation of each one.
  • Permanent: These islands are always accessible.
  • Time-Limited: These islands are available every day, but they follow a schedule which can be found by hovering over the island and reading its description.
  • Adventure: These islands are restricted to the schedule that is set by the Procyon Compass. They will rotate every day on a timer, and are only available during the specific times listed.

Something to keep in mind is that certain islands allow PvP. These islands are annotated by red, crossed swords instead of the typical island image on the map, and also list themselves in the description as "PvP: Always possible."


Island Guides

Click the links below for the specific island you are seeking information on. Each guide will contain Mokoko Seed locations, information on how to obtain its Island Soul, and any other relevant quest information or available loot.



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