Shadowhunter PvP Stats

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With 1000 maximum stat points in PvP and a hard-limit of 750 points per stat, it is important to know how to balance them out. Learn optimal stat distribution options to excel as Shadowhunter in PvP.


Shadowhunter PvP Stat Distribution

In PvP, stat points are not gained via accessories, but manually assigned by the user in the "Book of Coordination". Everyone is given 1000 stat points to distribute, with a 750 stat limit on each individual stat. Swiftness is usually the primary stat taken by almost all classes, but which other stats to put points on varies both by class, and by which skills one chooses to take in PvP, so it is important to learn how these stats contribute to your performance.

Shadowhunter will almost always run 750 Swiftness and 250 Domination.

Swiftness is important to ensure combos remain gapless, make animation locks (such as Demon Vision Icon Demon Vision) shorter, and generally make initiations and combos be faster, making it harder to be peeled off and easier to engage.

Domination is used as it gives the highest damage increase per point. The standard combo of Demonic Clone Icon Demonic Clone into Thrust Impact Icon Thrust Impact will apply a Push prior to Thrust Impact Icon Thrust Impact, which ensures it gets full damage.

Most of Shadowhunter skills are also multi-hits which benefit from Domination. As Piercing Thorn Icon Piercing Thorn hits three times with each individual hit being a Push, the two follow-up hits will always benefit from Domination bonuses if it connects.

Likewise, Demon Vision Icon Demon Vision also applies Hard crowd control with every tick, which means the majority of its damage is also amplified. Any combos applied to targets afflicted by Demon Vision will also benefit from this, which means that Leaping Blow Icon Leaping Blow combos during Demonize Icon Demonize also make use of Domination.

There is a case for running 250 Crit however.

If running Cruel Cutter Icon Cruel Cutter or Demon's Grip Icon Demon's Grip as a replacement to a damage skill specifically (Demonic Clone Icon Demonic Clone or Thrust Impact Icon Thrust Impact), then 250 Critical as a substat may be higher value, as the main combo would not benefit from Domination. Cruel Cutter Icon Cruel Cutter alone also can provide heavy damage even if they are replacing Grind Chain Icon Grind Chain, which may make Crit preferable, however, Domination is usually the main secondary stat for Shadowhunter.



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